Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thank you, God ... I choose joy :)

The above cookbooks are what my dear husband ordered "gently used" for me through the mail. Yes, I think it's sweet and thoughtful, but I'm choosing to feel that way. :) :) You see, we often have discussions about the healthy food we implement into into our diet (healthy & tasty). I had told him that I needed help in the kitchen. My husband enjoys cooking (he really is a better cook than myself) and I have heard of couples who cook meals together a week ahead (and freeze), and thought it would be a cool plan for us, too! Richard reminded me that it's difficult to cook healthy recipes ahead ... and I admit that I fought bad attitudes. Later in the day as I walked into the dining room, my husband was sitting at the dining room table creating a sample meal plan for me. A bit later, he told me I'd be receiving a couple of cookbooks in the mail. I know this all sounds really good, and the reader possibly may be struggling with envy. Personally, I was a bit perturbed. I was thinking, "What other husband would be planning meals?!" ....and, "Am I that bad of a cook?? I need help with cooking-- not with ordering cookbooks?!" :) : ) :) In that fraction of a moment...the "thinking moment", I made the choice to thank him and appreciate what he was doing for me. I then walked to the bedroom to pray. lol! :) :)
When the cookbooks arrived in the mail, again I struggled with bad attitudes and even hesitated opening the boxes (I hadn't picked the cookbooks out!! what if I didn't like them?). I opened them up a bit hesitantly to find the most beautiful healthy cookbooks I'd ever seen! Talk about variety!!!!!!! I think we have enough healthy recipes for a lifetime! lol! :) :) Yes, I have a good husband... and I'm glad that I chose to be thankful during that "thinking moment".

I've been learning that being thankful and joyful comes with a sacrifice. I must set aside how I want to feel or think ... to be thankful and appreciative of God's daily gifts to me. Most every day it's necessary for me to hammer my feelings and stubbornness to the cross (the sacrifice...which ultimately is performed through God's strength)...and yet I often fail, giving in to those same feelings and attitudes later. I'm thankful for a personal, gracious Heavenly Father who shows compassion and mercy to people like me. :) [ Psalm 121; Hebrews 13:15]

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