Monday, January 25, 2010

Was this photo really taken last May in Florida? Oh my, how time flies by fast!!!! I enjoy watching my kids grow and change...however, I don't like looking in the mirror to see that I'm getting older too... I have GREY HAIRS!!! My hair is so dark, the strands of grey on my head glisten brilliantly in the sunshine (and artificial light). Neither one of my parents began having grey hair until they were in their late 40's or so... SO, seeing that I'm only 34, I'm a little concerned. Richard's getting more grey hairs too!
Maybe it's something I'm putting in our food... . :)
A year ago, we were making the decision whether or not to send our oldest child, Caleb, to private school after having exclusively home schooled. I was not completely at peace with this subject for a long, long time, and would dream of/long for his coming back home [long story short, husband wanted to send him to school; I wasn't sure]. I can see, however, how the private school setting has been good for him and has stretched him in many ways. With that said, I still have a different schooling philosophy than most schools. Also, sometimes I think about how we were able to travel with Richard when we home schooled all the kids... and then remind myself that God knows all these things ....and should he (Richard) have the opportunity of traveling cool places for business, I will be prepared for any situation with having participated in a "Fruit of the Spirit" Bible study. I should easily refrain from a conniption fit over the kids & I being home alone for two weeks. :) :) ha ha :) Learning to be content. :)
Speaking of private school, can you believe the time has come to enroll Caleb for 5th grade? I'll be doing so this week, and I'm wondering what teachers he will have. I will continue to home school Antonin & Ashlyn. :) Antonin has mentioned several times that he wishes he could go to school too (no discounts--too costly). I need to be a bit more vocal about how much I like teaching him at home. I know, that sounds funny [picturing myself every ten minutes saying, "I like having you here at home with me, Antonin....] . :) :) Next fall, I will have a Kindergartner, a third grader, and a fifth grader. I know I talk a lot about time going by quickly--because it really does!!
While we're on the subject of school, I plan to sign up for the second "Articles" class this week (Taylor online). First, I'm going to read and study through all of my past assignments from my previous class. I feel that I've lost some of what I learned ... I find myself writing random things that don't sound good grammatically and the sentences all kind of run into each other.... :) :)
Honestly, I wrote an article in the first class that I'm trying to fix. I am looking forward to the completion of my article, and the start of the new class. : ) :)

p.s. I'm not always grammatically correct on my blog because I write to relax. :)

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