Friday, January 29, 2010

School, etc. :)

We attended the 4th grade chapel service at Caleb's school yesterday, and enjoyed the music and skits. :) :) There are chapel services every Thursday, but the 4th graders were officiating, if that makes more sense. I was very proud of my son, Caleb, who carried and led pledges to the Christian flag. He also did great with his part in the class skit. I also enjoyed hearing the class play hand chimes. :)

I consider myself to be a good planner of many things....except when it involves my own "fun time" lol! :)
Richard and the boys will be gone all this evening on a cub scout trip thingy (Magic House in St. Louis; gone until 10pm!! wow!). I'm sitting here asking myself what on earth my daughter and I will do all evening! I think we may end up shopping...maybe we'll go to the library first to check out a girly movie.... :) I know this will be a great mother/daughter bonding opportunity. I just need a plan!!! I need to clean our house and finish laundry so those tasks won't distract me later on when I'm supposed to be bonding with my daughter. :) :) Too bad I didn't plan something with another mom/daughter team. Friday nights (wknds in general) are difficult to find other available moms to go out with. Sadly, I don't know the other moms within the cub scout pack because Caleb's den meets right after school...and because Antonin's den has not gotten together all year [yes, we're taking them out of cub scouts next year, Lord Willing. We really miss the home school scouts we used to be a part of. We switched to a different pack when Caleb started private school].
Yesterday I enrolled Caleb @ Zion for next fall (5th grade). I'll be interested in knowing who his teachers will be! He's has done well in beginning band, so we agreed to another year of music. 5th grade is the first year of changing classes and having more than one teacher (oh wow--what will parent/teacher conferences be like?). As for the younger two kids, I am considering a curriculum change at home. My mother-heart is hopeful that through all our schooling journey, Antonin doesn't resent our not send him to private school (later in life complain to us). We simply cannot afford to send both kids (we could if I had a part time job; see my "mom struggle"?) I honestly desire to be a SAHM.
After taking care of Caleb's registration for next fall, we walked out of the school to pick up Caleb (outside a main entrance), I took the opportunity to speak with his teacher.
Near the end of our friendly chat regarding that mornings chapel, the teacher made a comment to Antonin that was meant to make him feel welcome (good intention). She looked at Antonin and said, "...see what you have to look forward to?" (assuming we were planning on sending Antonin to school soon, too.) I didn't feel it necessary in that moment to explain how we were continuing our home school with the younger ones, so kept my mouth shut and went on with our day. I can read my kids pretty well, however, and know that Antonin was wanting to say more than simply nod his head. Like I said, I hope he doesn't end up resentful years from now.... [he has made it known to me that he wants to go to school too]. I honestly enjoy home schooling ... and think at times that I'd like to bring Caleb back home (especially with certain curriculum). However, changing too many times is not healthy, and children need consistency. Another year at Zion for Caleb .... along with prayers that God would guide us. :)
ok... I need to do LA with Antonin now that he is finished with his handwriting and math. :)
We'll tackle our History readers, then we'll be finished--before noon/1 pm! :) :) :) Of course, then it's time to finish laundry and clean house, and a mother is always in need of help with those tasks.... : ) Oh--Ashlyn's K4 ABC's are coming along fine too....but her instruction only lasts about an hour in the morning or so... she's so easy ... :) :)

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