Thursday, January 7, 2010

new things happenin'

Most of the time my life is quite boring... same life day after day, not much change in routine ... so I'm happy to report that our Nutrimill and bread mixer arrived yesterday! I am very excited to use them both and try different recipes! We recently joined a food co-op, and are waiting on some items [will be here in about a week] before we can put our Christmas gift(s) to good use.
Until then, I've been surfing the Internet on the subject of healthy eating ...I've really been on a roll lately. :)
Well .. I must admit that while researching healthy eating, sometimes I get over taken with a desire to consume my kids' left over Christmas jolly ranchers (and chocolate). BAD SARA, BAD!!! I'm sure that we all have those moments ... I hope so, anyway (especially since I'm writing this for the whole wide world to read). lol! I'm well aware that we all eat junk food. Even though we are changing a few of our eating habits at home, we don't mind eating Taco Bell, Wendy's and other delicious unhealthy food here and there. We don't want to be legalistic with our diet. To be honest, it would be very difficult to NOT eat anything unhealthy unless one carried their own food everywhere. :) :) :)
We recently tried a recipe for acorn squash. The dish reminded me of a pumpkin dessert. I'll cut back the sugar a bit next time, but I think I like the recipe. It'll take me some time getting used to baking squash. I have a feeling I over baked it thinking it wasn 't "done" yet (follow all directions in recipe).
Caleb had his first snow day today, and we received a phone call this evening informing us of another cancellation tomorrow too! Since I home school the younger two, I simply lighten up slightly on their school work and then give Caleb some of his own home work that he needs to practice or study. He's been working on his 2nd quarter book report as well as his tough spelling word list (ie, ei & eigh words). At least he will have an extra weekend to practice the words since the tests are usually on Fridays--would have been tomorrow!! This week's list has been difficult, so I keep reciting "...i before e, except after c ..." but then he gets confused with the grammar rule itself. :) :) :) He is improving ... this evening he only missed the words reindeer, weighs, and ...achieve.
Oh yes. Spanish. ugh! After Caleb's last quiz, he recycled his Spanish papers at school!! When he came home and told me this, I about had a heart attack!!! Well, I almost had a heart attack on the inside, while attempting to remain composed on the outside [cheesy grin]. SO...what does this mean? I will make some flashcards from the quiz paper he actually brought home (thank God), and strongly encourage him to remember to bring home his study sheet when they give it to him (many times he forgets to bring things home). His test is the 19th. ACK! I can feel the panic rising... lol (at least I'm still laughing) ...
As I'm sitting here typing, I can hear the wind howling outside ....and I can't sleep. Richard is gone and will be back tomorrow. Well, I realized that it's so late, it IS tomorrow! My word, it's 12:14 AM! I need to sleep now so I'll be able think of something else "new and happenin'" to write tomorrow (or later on in the week)! :)

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