Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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As usual, God continues to answer prayer ... He always solves the big and little problems in our crazy lives. LOL! [Really, "Normal" is a better word.] :) :) As mentioned in a previous post, we found a dryer quickly through Craig's List, and then noticed that our refrigerator was not cooling like it should. Lo and behold, we were blessed with some frigid arctic weather (and snow--yay!), enabling me to use our garage as a refrigerator. :)
I was disappointed when Richard told me it would be a week before the appliance guy could check it out, and I prayed God would give us all patience. :) :) Long story short, the appliance man came yesterday morning to show us that the heater in the fridge was not working (you mean there is a heater inside a refrigerator! wow!). After some defrosting, he replaced the old heater and also took the dryer part back that Richard had previous purchased from him ...a week ago or so when my husband first thought he could fix the poor old dryer. The appliance man mentioned that he doesn't normally accept returns .... but since it was still in the box....he would refund it. *whew*, thank you, God! :) :) :) Yes, I learned a valuable lesson from all of this. I learned to appreciate my appliances more ...and also to defrost the freezer/coils next time the heater quits working, saving the appliance man a step (not to mention saving $$). I know defrosting sounds quite elementary, but this was our first experience with fridge problems (yes, in almost 12 yrs of marriage---I guess that's pretty good).
I cannot be too hard on myself ... I wouldn't have known how to take that back panel off to defrost the coils (I should have watched him remove it....for next time). Since we're on this subject.... I hate it when things quit working--or simply break--at our house because more often than not I don't know how to fix them. I wish I had learned more from my dad and grandpa. Thinking back, I don't think they would have minded my hanging around them more often, but I often grew bored with their car /fix-it chatter while they worked and I would wander away.... lol!! :) :) :) :) [i.e. "How is the alternator on your car? Muffler giving you any problems since wiring it up?"]. Dad & grandpa did not always work together, but since they lived right next door to each other...if my dad needed help fixing something, grandpa (dad's father in law) was right there to help. Grandpa could fix anything imaginable!! When one would tell grandpa thanks for fixing something (he really could fix anything), he'd look down (shifting from foot to foot) and murmer, "Mmm..hmm", and would usually change the subject. He never did like attention ... he enjoyed doing things for people simply because he wanted to help others. In fact, if he were still alive and knew that I was writing about him, he'd look at me incredulously and say, "Why on earth would you want to put me on your blog?! ". :) One memory I have as a child... is listening to grandpa's & dad's voices coming from the basement below (I was at the top of the stairs). I was too scared to go down into the basement to watch them because I was afraid the water heater or furnace would explode (they had put in either a water heater or majorly fixed the furnace--or something. I can't remember). LOL! :) :) :)
Here's a snapshot of my grandparents at mine & Richard's wedding (years ago) ... yes, grandpa looked a bit uncomfortable. He would have rather been in overalls working outdoors or on vehicles and/or climbing trees (pruning branches). :) :)
Anyhow... I'm very thankful for my working appliances (and the fact we did not have to replace the fridge)!! :) :) : ) :) I'm also thankful for a good husband who finds good quality people to help when he doesn't know how to fix them himself. :) [that's not meant to sound funny. Everyone has their own strengths/gifts and weaknesses. I am hoping that perhaps one of our sons has the "fix-it" gene.... :) ....].
My next post is going to be about the cuckoo clock that used to be grandpa's. It has stopped working, and I don't know how to fix it!!!! I hope someone out there will know how!

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