Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cuckoo clocks and book reports! :)

This is the cuckoo clock that once belonged to my grandpa Pletcher. The clock worked just fine for quite awhile, but I think perhaps one of the kids wound it too tightly or roughly (?) ["how many times must I say that only mom and dad wind the clock?!]. I'm guessing something might be "off track" or something. By the way, my grandpa was a watch repairman. If only he had left directions on how to fix cuckoo clocks... :) In case you know something about this type of clock, here is a brief description about what the clock is doing. It's just sitting on my kitchen wall, not ticking. It will start ticking if I stand there and swing the pendulum, but I would be required to stand there all day. It swings for about 3-5 minutes on its own before stopping. It still cuckoos if I stand there swinging the pendulum long enough to reach the hour! I'm sure that whatever is wrong is quite simple. Hmm... I may try and take it down off the wall to investigate a little more even though I won't know what I'm looking at, and hopefully this time it will not fall on my head. lol! :) :)

I am so very proud of Caleb!! He finished his 2nd book report this evening, and I think everything went much, much better than his very first report awhile back. Writing does not come naturally to him and he tends to write in simple sentences w/o any variety .... so I did help him out here and there with suggestions. I'm aware the teacher will know that he had some help, but surely she won't mind...??? At least he is the one who typed it. :) :)
I don't remember what all I was going to write about b/c Ashlyn is dancing around the living room to children's music and wants me to dance with her...... I'll write again later. :) :)

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