Thursday, January 21, 2010

:) : ) : ) more smiles : ) :) :)

After two hours of sitting in a dental chair with my mouth wide open, the root canal went fine Monday, and now the aching is slowly diminishing in my tooth & gum. I think today is the best I've felt in the late afternoon, so I'm quite encouraged (evening time has been most painful--I guess because of all my talking and eating?)!! : ) : ) Antonin & Ashlyn both did beautifully with their dentist visits, and I was very proud of them.
Last evening was the first "Family Discipleship" [similar to Awana] of this semester, and I was sad I did not go with the family (& attend a ladies' study with the other moms/wives). I stayed home since my mouth and head were hurting even with the aid of Tylenol. When the children returned home, they were SO excited! : ) : ) Ashlyn tried explaining everything to me and then got down on her hands and knees. "Mommy, we acted like kitties while we were there, and played a game with kitties in it! Meow, meow, meow..." I thought it was so funny! : ) : ) Forget about the Scripture memory and lesson learned that night.... let's get on the floor and act like kitties! : ) lol!! : ) : ) Ashlyn loves acting like a kitty wherever she goes, so this is honestly nothing new. Caleb & Antonin-- a bit passed the kitty stage-- were able to tell what they had learned. I'm so glad we're able to participate this semester, and looking forward to next week. :) :)
Richard will be getting his benign cyst removed from his neck next Tuesday... he would look at me incredulously if he knew that I were writing this on my blog. lol!! He is not worried at all about the procedure so I guess I shouldn't worry either! Hmm...come to think of it ... didn't we just talk about the issue of "worrying" during the CBS Bible study today (in book of Luke). [Ahem, cough, cough.] Umm... I think I should re-read that section of the study again.
Anyway [quickly changing subject], we have finally figured out a plan for our family schedule.
Antonin is doing Tae Kwando (not sure of spelling) two nights per week at a place where we know one of the instructors ( in our small group! :) ), and we're 90% certain we won't continue with scouts. FD club ( & ladies' study) on Wed. nights, and leaving Friday open to have company at our house. Between the ladies' study on the Fruit of the Spirit, the Luke study on Thursday mornings, and our small group Bible study most Sunday evenings (John Piper), I'd like to think that I'll be soaking everything in, becoming more spiritual!!!! lol! :) :) Truth is, my mind is so human and will forget .... which is why it's important to memorize Scripture.
I am SO PROUD of Caleb!!! He came home with an A+ on his Spanish test!!!! I had been concerned about the test since his school only gives one quiz and one test per quarter. Plus, he had failed his first Spanish test. So... I am extremely happy and proud of his total average of B+ in Spanish!!! :) : )
Of course...after jumping up and down over his Spanish test, he informed me that he had accidentally left his study guide for a Social Studies test-- in his desk at school. UGH! We did our best studying from his book and notes... I sure hope he improves with bringing important papers home!!!! We'll be studying for his Reading test this evening... he is getting much better at studying for tests and I'm not working with him nearly as much, by the way. :) :) Yay! BIG improvement!

ok....I really should get off this computer and make dinner. Will chat again later ...


A Joyful Chaos said...

Hope all your discomfort from having a root canal done will soon disappear!

Sara's thoughts.... said...

Thank you! Today I've noticed a huge improvement. My tooth isn't aching nearly as much as it was. So thankful! :)