Sunday, January 24, 2010

January is a good time of year to straighten your house! I decided I was tired of the kids coats lying all over the laundry room floor even though there was a small rack on the wall for them. [you walk through the laundry room from the garage to the kitchen]. I went to Lowe's and found a much larger coat rack to hammer to the wall, and now our children's coats are hanging quite nicely (they had simply outgrown the previous coat rack. I kids' coats aren't getting any smaller...) Oh--that's our "new" dryer in the background, by the way! :) :)
You' shoes irritate me. I simply don't know where to put them. Our coat closet is bursting with my shoes & sandals and many of the kids' shoes (our bedroom closets are small). I am going to find a small shoe rack to put right underneath the coat rack in the laundry room where their stray shoes seem to collect. I hope this plan works. :)
As you may know, we recently purchased a Nutrimill. I now have space in my kitchen for all my "extra" items, a special place for my cookbooks, "bulky" items from the food co-op and/or Sam's Club, and Caleb's lunch box! :) What's funny about this photo...Ashlyn had placed a pine cone in a leftover container and left it on the top shelf. How funny! lol! :)
Yes, these shelves look a bit empty in this photo...but I know it will change as time goes on. In case you need help with planning meals (I'm always needing help), you can download a calendar template through Google docs, and create a meal plan for a whole month (or months, if you choose). Isn't that nice? Last year I had tried making my own spreadsheet, but it was a little boring to work with...I needed some excitement in my life. lol! Just kidding. I think this calendar idea will be more user friendly. I'm now cleaning and sorting through all my cabinets, and attempting to transfer "loose-leaf" recipes to cards for my file boxes. Yay for organization!!! :) :)

In case you are, I have not put our Nutrimill to work yet. Bread making is new to me, so I realized I was missing a few items and ingredients. I think I'm set now and I hope to grind some wheat berries this week and make my first batch of bread!!! I have discovered a variety of bread pans and bread bags, and feel much more confident about this whole thing.
I had forgotten to purchase popcorn through our co-op, so will have to wait until February to grind cornmeal for cornbread!!
Now that the household organization is proceeding as planned, perhaps I can stay an organized mom for when I begin working on my next online class through Taylor--it's what I'm striving for, anyway!! :) I still have a few more closets to work through before registering....
Have a good night and good week. :)

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