Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What a fun time we had in SW Missouri visiting family over the Thanksgiving weekend!!
We had extended family photos taken at mom & dad Sorrell's, attended a play at Stained Glass Theater in Ozark, MO, watched niece Kendra make bread with the family Bosche bread mixer [I'd really like to have one], and threw a little girl cousin party for Ashlyn and cousin Karissa whose birthdays are only two days apart [December 10th and 12th]. Sweet memories... :) : )
Now that we've returned home, it's time to focus on planning a party for Ashlyn with friends here in IL (she's turning 5, can you believe it?!?!), finishing our family Christmas letter, and think-think-thinking. I sound like Winnie the Pooh .... think, think, think..... :) :)

One thing I'm thinking about is how Caleb has been doing well in school. He does require prodding and a ton of encouragment, but he usually surpasses my expectations. For example: he comes home from school upset over spelling words. I tell him to practice, do his best, and not worry about it. He responds with bad attitude and says he does not like his mothers ideas...which begins a familiar cycle of discipline [reprimand, send to room] causing me to feel as if I am a very mean mom. He eventually studies. Picking Caleb up from school the next day, he reports that he received an A+ on his spelling test. *sigh* ..... all the needless struggle we go through every day... Oh--guess what?! Caleb came home yesterday with the news that he was in the top 5 (4th graders) for Zion's Geography Bee!! Wow, that really surprised me. I didn't even know he had taken the test. Tomorrow, he will take another test... and then 2 fourth graders will be selected for the official Geography Bee at Zion, to compete against the other grades. I honestly don't expect him to make the top 2, but I'm thrilled he made the top 5!! :) :) :) :) :) He was supposedly studying tonight, but I'm not sure how much he absorbed.... since he was also studying for his spelling pre-test and English test. I often feel as if there are too many tests in one day!

Ok...remember when I posted about how I was trying to eat healthier? Well, after some more research I realized I am not supposed to be eating Kale or Spinach because it's part of the cabbage family! In case you don't know, the cabbage/broccoli family is not good for those with thyroid problems. I cannot have soy products either (bad for thyroid), so I will need to more carefully select those healthier recipes. I am still formulating a plan for myself, attempting to eat healthy while eliminating certain veggie families from my diet. I think it would be a great idea for me to juice veggies (like carrots), but I'll need to persuade my husband first. :) :)

I always feel a little funny talking about my health on this blog because I know that everyone has his/her own problems to face. I suppose my purpose in sharing this journey is to encourage someone else on his/her own quest for healthy living. Answers may never be found, especially when it comes to autoimmune diseases, but I've often thought it would be nice to read of others' journeys to save a few U-turns in the road... I'll share my "lifestyle diet" plan in the near future with the hope it may be helpful to someone else .

To give a brief background, I have had Hashimoto Thyroiditis for at least 5 years, but guessing I've had it for much longer. The left side of my thyroid gland has shrunk and is no longer working (immune system attacking gland). I find doctors frustrating because they are just as confused as I am, with no answers. I'm obediently taking my medicine (would not be able to function without it), and continue to seek nutrition and healthy living. Unlike most people with Hashimoto, I do not experience weight gain because of some blood sugar problems that are opposite from the norm and quite unusual (believe me, I baffle the doctors with my problems. lol! ) My desire to be the mother and wife God wants me to be is what keeps me seeking nutritional "answers" for myself. I do have my share of problems...for another time, another place.... like in doctor's office (or in nutritionally minded chiropractor's office). lol! :) :)

I keep meaning to call my new doctor to make an appointment. Now that I've written this on my blog, I'll hopefully make the call tomorrow. :) :).... it's time to meet my new doctor! I loved my former doctor, but she privatized and no longer accepts insurance. How disappointing!! :( :( :(

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