Monday, December 7, 2009

...Christmas time is almost here.... first, a birthday!

My sweet daughter has a December birthday. Up until this year I could control somewhat just how Christmassy our family was before December 10th, so that she could enjoy her special day separate from Christmas. Now that Caleb is in school, I've noticed we are much Christmassy earlier! Not that it's a bad thing...I suppose if I don't make this into a big deal, Ashlyn may never complain about it when she's older (?).

Ashlyn's birthday is this Thursday, the 10th, which also happens to be CBS (Community Bible Study). One of her teachers sent an email asking if we would be at CBS that day because they are planning a birthday snack for her. Isn't that sweet???? : ) : ) : ) : )
I suppose I shouldn't worry about Ashlyn .... she is going to be thrilled at CBS, and with her birthday party this coming Saturday, the 12th. :) When she grows into a teenager and complains about her birthday being in December .... I'll tell her the story of when I was huge, ready to pop and on bed rest in the hospital. LOL! I'll tell her about when daddy was wheeling me to the operating room for the emergency c-section, how the Christmas tree glistening in the hallway reminded me that we were not alone in our journey (we were also on a Spiritual journey--a double whammy, so to speak). The day before, we had received word that we were moving to Illinois, so I was a very overwhelmed lady. I identified (in a very small way) with Mary, mother of Jesus, who had also been on an "unknown" journey at the time of her baby's birth. Though I was extremely disappointed to have had silly complications show up the week before, requiring the c-section, I was SO HAPPY to have my little girl safely in my arms!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) Surely if I tell her that story, she won't complain about her birthday. :)
I'll never forget....

I need to finish planning her party now.... (besides all the other Christmassy things that are looming... lol. : ) :) : ) )

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