Sunday, December 13, 2009

B'day party and other thoughts ...

Seeing this smile on Ashlyn's face made all the work on her cake worthwhile, though I must admit that it was a very easy cake to put together. lol. I needed something "easy" for this time of year. :) :) :)
I have said this before on my blog, and I'll say it again. Please do not expect this blog to be free of grammatical errors. Just wanted to make that clear ... especially since it's late at night (brain tired). :) :)
Back to Ashlyn, she had a wonderful party with some of her little friends. I had so much fun making cookies, reading to, and playing games with the girls. While we were singing a motion song together, I suddenly had flashbacks of when I used to be a preschool teacher (a longing sort of way). I miss teaching the little kids (PreK) at church. Richard and I used to team-teach Sunday school before becoming co-coordinators in the nursery. I am hoping we get more babies and toddlers in the nursery soon so that I can do something!!!! lol!! I say that because there aren't many children in the nursery (only about 7 or 8), and not all scheduled workers need to work. Therefore, I take a pager with me just in case I'm needed (during my scheduled weeks), but have not been needed for a VERY LONG TIME. :( :( :( :(

Wasn't I talking about Ashlyn's party? [ahem] yes .... as I was saying ... I had a great time with Ashlyn and her little girl friends. Life is so much fun with little girls!!! :) :) :) :)
I had mixed up some cookie dough for the party, and we all had fun cutting out shaped cookies and decorating them with sprinkles. :) :) :) I randomly chose "The little red hen" to read ( I'm not sure why, just wanted to read the story), explaining to the girls that we are God's Princesses on the inside when we have Jesus in our hearts .... meaning that we show kindness to others, and always do our best (not being like the dog, cat, turkey or pig in the story of the Little Red Hen). Yes, it may have been a stretch of the imagination to incorporate the moral of the Little Red Hen story with being God's Princess, but it worked and they seemed to like my animal voices. :) :) :) :) Oh yes--the Hen baking bread sort of went along with baking cookies with friends .... :) :) :) :)
Btw, this was not how we taught Sunday school (don't worry). LOL! :) :)

What made my day was ... right in the middle of cutting out cookies with her friends, Ashlyn stood up on her chair and reached for me to give a tight hug. "Oh Mommy, thank you for this party!! I like this so much!!" Wouldn't you know that no other family member was in the room to take a picture of the moment ... but I captured it in my memory. :) :) :) Happy 5th birthday to my precious little girl. :) :) :)

Oh--Ashlyn & I also made gingerbread men--for the cookie exchange at church today!! What a refreshing time of fellowship and songs full of praise to our Heavenly Father for the gift of His Son. :) :) :) I failed to take my camera with me, sorry no pics. :( :(

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