Thursday, December 17, 2009

reading ... and tooth pain

Seems as if I'm usually sharing something about Caleb's private school with a negative tone (I really do like the school ... it's simply difficult not being the teacher and/or having different philosophies!). So.... I wanted to tell what I really like about my son's reading program! :) :) Caleb's school uses "Harcourt-Trophies", which are stories from real books you would find at the library (great literature) ... and the spelling lists often have something to do with that week's story. I think I have found a reading program I like!!!!! I think I may try Harcourt reading with Antonin next year in our home school. At Caleb's school ... 4th grade is the last year for Abeka math and McGraw-Hill English. Starting in 5th grade, it will be Saxon Math and Shurley English. :) :) I must say that it all sounds good.
Yes, Caleb still struggles with comprehension (the critical thinking) and I continue to study with him the night before his reading tests ....but that's ok. I'm suppose to do these things with him.... I'm his mom. Even though I feel that I might as well be home schooling, I know sending Caleb to school has been a good thing for us this year. Perhaps I'll share why when I organize my thoughts. tooth really hurts. No, it aches! I am in need of a root canal, and made the appt. in January because we are changing Insurances. At the time of my regular dental appointment (Nov), the dentist said the cavity was near a nerve and she was surprised that the tooth wasn't giving me any discomfort. One month later as if on cue, my tooth began aching. Now I cannot wait for the days to fly by so that I can get this root canal taken care of!!! I'm going to start calling their office on Jan 2, begging them to take me sooner because my tooth hurts (my appt. isn't until Jan 18th--they were booked).
January is the month for minor medical and dental procedures in our family. Richard will finally get the benign cyst removed from his neck (Jan 6), and Antonin has a bad tooth that will be extracted the day after my root canal. Hmm ... interesting month. :) :)
I would really appreciate prayers for my aching tooth!!! I still have a couple of more weeks to go until January. Thanks very much!!!

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