Sunday, December 20, 2009

Have a Merry CHRIST-mas! :) :)

We are celebrating our family Christmas today, since this year we will be in Indiana on Christmas Day. After thoroughly enjoying our time worshipping the Lord this morning in church and then eating at a Mexican food restaurant (yum), we returned home with the three most excited children you've ever seen. They could not wait to open their gifts. As we do every year, we first discussed why it was so important for Jesus to come to earth as a baby so many years ago, and what His birth means for us today.
Daddy (aka Richard) passed out the presents to everyone, which included gifts from Richard's side of the family. As always, I did not take enough photos. There was so much excitement and squeals of delight with torn paper flying through the air, I found myself enjoying the moment instead of grabbing the camera.
Once the chaos and wrapping paper settled, we enjoyed reading instructions and putting toys together (removing gifts from their packages requires a Master's degree in gift packaging removal!). lol! Antonin was very happy over the First Act guitar we gave him, and enjoyed trying it out. Basically, we experienced our first guitar lesson together while following instructions on how to tighten and tune the strings. I knew enough about guitars to help Antonin know how to hold his fingers, but I'll be learning this foreign instrument along with him when it's all said and done. :) :) We've told him that he may have guitar lessons in another year if he continues an interest (we've also said that perhaps Uncle Matt can show him some things during our next visit to Missouri ....) :) :) :) Oh-- if Antonin is left handed, does this mean we're suppose to have him strum with his left hand instead of his right? We may be teaching him incorrectly. Hmmm... [we really don't you?]
Antonin has been practicing his "chord cards" all afternoon. :) :) :) The newness may wear off after about a week, but it's been fun watching him and I honestly hope he keeps this interest. :) :)
Caleb was busy building something with his Star Wars Lego's (thanks gma & gpa) and asked Antonin to help him ... soon Princess Ashlyn (notice the apron) came along and decided to give the guitar a try. :) :)

Soon, we'll have the children take some goodies to the neighbors, and then decorate and eat our own gingerbread cookies. We may sing Christmas songs and play some games together, too.
Have a wonderful Christmas with your family ... :) :) :) God bless!
Oh, I just have to mention how excited I am about this new year (2010) ... with trying new things. Learning some guitar with Antonin, cutting the boys' hair myself and using the "saved money" for personal spending $$ .... skiing for the very first time with Richard and the boys in Michigan (when we go to Indiana for Christmas) , and learning more about nutrition with herbs and such (healthy living in general). I naturally tend to get stuck in ruts, so...yay! :)

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Kendy Jo said...

I am glad to hear Antonin is likeing his guitar.:)
Me and Winston are trying to slowly learn it.:)It truly takes perseverance if you aren't born
I would like to play the violin guitar and the my dreams.:)
But right now I am just a...clogger.:P

And I am teaching Winston and Kaysha piano(what I know of it anyway).:)lol;)

Oh,BTW tell Ashlyn that I like her apron and that I hope she makes us some good cookies when she comes down here...but they may be moldy by then...hmmm:)
And BTW Antonin shouldn't strum the guitar w/ his left.:)
(At least I know that much.)

But I think Dad has already told U. Richard that.:)

Well, Merry CHRISTmas!!!!

Love you guys!
Kendy Jo