Sunday, November 8, 2009

smile, a new week is upon us :) : ) :)

Richard is finished studying for his CFE!!! Now he must take practice tests before sitting for the exam, which will take ten hours. Wow...I can't imagine taking a test like that. Actually, he's not approved to take the exam yet...  he's just now sending in his application [if I had known earlier, I would have been on his case] throughout these coming weeks waiting for approval, he will be taking the practice tests. I am SO excited for him, and glad that it's nearly over (it's hard work on my part too ... he's always studying)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!
Richard started studying for his CFE approx. Sept., so I'd say he's doing well (except for forgetting to send in his application to take test. Richard!! [said in exasperated  tone]. lol ...  By the way, his place of employment has wanted him to take this exam. Remember when he was sent to WV last fall and winter? The classes he took then made him eligible for the CFE exam. He hasn't been real enthused about this exam, but knows his employer wants him to .....there you have it.   :)

I have been in denial about my health for too long and need to make necessary changes in order to be the wife and mother I need to be. I discovered a great vegan web site that a friend  had shared on her blog! No, I'm not going vegetarian (neither is my freind--actually we are related through marriage); I figure I can include more healthy recipes to my "lifestyle".  :)  :)   I am going to experiment eliminating milk from my diet since it tends to be one of the biggest allergens around. I'll drink rice milk. I try to stay away from soy since it isn't good for thyroid. My goal is to add more nutritious greens and proteins to my diet, and eliminate possible allergens one at a time ...milk, a good starting place. My good health is worth the experimenting projects. Here are some Great recipes I can  include in our meals. One can even watch videos on how to cook certain dishes. 

Lately, people have been talking about the Food, Inc movie. I have not seen it, but I don't think it would surprise me. My dad was a butcher/meatcutter, and wasn't always hungry when he'd come home from work. I recall him saying, "If you could see the things I see every day, you would never eat meat again!!"  I'm quite surprised we never becane vegetarian.  lol!!   :)  :)  :) Of course, I think Food, Inc deals with all foods, not just meat and dairy. Hmm...I'll need to see that movie now.

Well, tomorrow is a new first day to a new week. Caleb will return to school and take his 3 tests that he missed on Friday ( he was not feeling well Fri. morning, but I'm wondering if some of it wasn't test anxiety), and I will finally call the dentist to make an appointment for myself. I honestly cannot stand dentists, but I know I need to take care of myself inspite of my sensitive teeth.
I'll share more later in the week as our days progress ....take care and remember to smile!   :)   :)   :)   :)

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