Saturday, November 14, 2009

Much to be thankful for

I am thankful for so many things ...
As you know, this year has been a big challenge (for me) in sending our oldest son to a private school. What a blessing to attend the parent/teacher conference and find that Caleb has made High Honor Roll (all A's & B's) his first quarter! He is very excited about this honor, and I am quite pleased. :) This honor was not easily obtained ... it was a lot of work! I'm happy that Caleb is being encouraged in this way because he was beginning to tire of studying for tests and practicing spelling words. He does not like spelling or reading, but has been doing well. I don't want him to get burned out [I've noticed some lethargy] so I'm glad he is receiving his hard earned award (and it will hopefully keep spurring him on). I've told him before it does not matter what grades he gets ... what's important is that he applies himself and understands what he's learning. :)
I might also add that Zion looks at core subjects for the honor roll (at least up to 4th grade-don't know about the higher grades). Caleb needs a little more practice with his spanish test taking skills ... I think he will do better next time (he really did know the material). I'm so glad the spanish grade did not interferer with the honor roll. :)The biggest challenge going from home school to private school for Caleb, has been with the test taking world.
His teacher is saying that the transition from home school setting to private school setting has been quite smooth for Caleb. She had nothing negative to say about him. Caleb is VERY quiet in the class of 24 students, only raises his hand half-way to volunteer answering questions [when he's called on, he always knows the answer], and still writes very little in his journal. He's an observer and a "man of few words". We assured her that's just his personality... :) Actually, here at home he talks a whole lot more. The above is his norm around others. :) :)
I love my quiet little boy, and told him there was nothing wrong with being a quiet person. We had taken the kids with us and they were sitting in the hallway for 15 minutes. I know... poor Caleb wondering what we were talking about [he overheard the "being quiet" part]. :) :) :) We told him it was all good...because it was! We're proud of him, and very thankful for God's hand in making the transition to school smooth for him. :)

I need to get off of here and spend time with my family now ... I just wanted to express my thankful heart. Why do I ever worry or complain? God always has things under control. :)

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Kendy Jo said...

Hi A. Sara!I too have much to be thankful for.=)
I actually made the high honor roll for a B!Yea!
Its true that hard work pays off!!:)

Well we can't wait to see you!
We'll see you and God Bless!
Kendy Jo