Saturday, November 21, 2009

My head hurts

I'm not sure that you can see this photo of when I was five years old [why is it so tiny] ... which adds to the bad day I've been experiencing ... *sigh*, have you ever had one of those days? I'm not sure what happened with my day but it was a rough one. Early this morning everything was just fine...I was playing with my sweet daughter, helping her take care of all her baby dolls and "cook" dinner for our pretend guests. Then, I decided to make some sweet potato muffins so the left over sweet potatoes I had baked the other night wouldn't go to waste. I pulled the glass Watkins bottle of orange peel out of the freezer (a muffins ingredient), and while unscrewing the lid, the glass bottle suddenly jumped out of my hands, crashing itself to the tile floor. "Nooooo...", I cried, closing my eyes tightly. Opening one eye, I saw the broken glass container and a pile of orange peel on the floor. Ugh!! At least it wasn't a full bottle, right? Everything ended up okay since we had fresh oranges in the fridge for the recipe, but the broken container incident was only the beginning. There were a string of frustrations one right after an other .... all day long. Then, this evening while I was cooking dinner, I noticed that my cuckoo clock was not working (the one from my grandfather). I tried fiddling around with it, only to have it come crashing down right onto the top of my head/forehead. I was worn down from the earlier frustrations of the I did what first came to mind. I cried. I had managed to catch the cuckoo clock in my hands after it had fallen on my I tearfully passed the clock to Richard, and said something like, "Today is not my day, I'm going to bed. Go ahead and eat dinner without me..."
The clock is still not working and my head hurts pretty bad!!!! I have two small bumps on my forehead, they hurt like crazy .....and I'm hoping my head doesn't turn black and blue in time for church tomorrow!!! UGh!!! I need to go rest my head ... I have a headache. lol!! :( Tomorrow will be a better day....tomorrow will be a better day... tomorrow..... :) :)
Oh-- the clock is still intact (though still not working) ....and I did end up eating dinner with the family. lol. Oh the funny things my kids witness....

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Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

(((Hugs))) I am so sorry! I have those days too. It's strange how it seems like one thing leads to another and then another. Sometimes I think, "Can I just go to bed right now so that I can start again fresh, lol?" I truly hope that you have a much better day tomorrow and that your head feels better.