Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Well ... I still don't know what's up Richard's sleeve, so I'm taking a break from the house work and laundry to write on my blog. Writing is not work-- it's more like a pleasant visit with an old friend after a days' work (or during a break). I've written "for fun" since age eight. I remember climbing trees in my back yard with paper and pencil in hand to write far away friends and relatives, and to make up stories. Every now and then a long time friend will mention the stories I used to write. Hmm ... perhaps it's good that I can't recall those stories . lol! The one I do remember, was about a horse breaking into a house ... it seems like a young girl lead it back outside midst her parent's hysteria. LOL. Oh--and I think the horse talked and only the girl understood it. :)

I am VERY VERY excited!!!! Richard's parents are on their way to our house to watch the kids! They will be here sometime tomorrow, and then Richard & I take off early Thursday morning for .... I don't know. He hasn't told me yet! :-] He has given me several clues, but I feel guilty researching too much. I must admit that I've visited mapquest a couple of times and googled "Ulysses Grant". lol! :) :) My clues are that where we are going is 5 hrs away from our home ... and it has something to do with Ulysses Grant. I'm also to bring warm clothes only. Hmmmm.... I'm really confused ....so I've decided to simply pack instead! :)
I can't wait to leave on our little trip!!!!!

Umm ... . will Caleb remember to study for his reading/spelling test on Thursday evening? Will Antonin remember to empty the dishwasher and pick his clothes up off the floor? Will Ashlyn miss me at night and cry???? I need to make some lists so gma & gpa know what the kids usually do. :) :) :) I'm sure it all will be just fine. I need to RELAX and enjoy our time away. :) : ) :) :) :) Don't let the smiley faces fool you ... letting go is easier said than done.

We finished painting the boys' dressers last night, and they look very nice! We wish we had painted them much much sooner!!! I will upload a photo sometime after we return from our trip. Now, I'll need to stick wallies to their wall, and find or make some shelves for above their windows. I don't think we will paint their bunk beds. The dressers were hard enough, and we cannot imagine trying to paint slick metal poles. I may keep my eye on craig's list for wooden bunk beds instead .... for now, our metal bunk beds will do fine. :)

This subject needs to be for another time (this blog post is lengthening and I really should be returning to the house work) .... I have been reading Lies Women Believe, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and have been re-learning so many things [I'm always borrowing it from library :)]. A huge lesson for me is CONTENTMENT. Being content with what I have and with life circumstances can be difficult. Selfishness is at the root of discontentment, and it shows up at such an early age. I have noticed little things with my young daughter ... I tell her that she is God's princess when she complains she isn't a fairy tale princess (doesn't have all the dress-up stuff); and when she twirls around in her dresses on Sunday mornings asking if she is really pretty, we tell her yes, she is pretty--and that she's God's princess. :) :) Our daughter isn't even five years old yet --wow! Yesterday when I told my daughter that I was going to throw out a book basket in our home because it was old, her response was, "Yes ... this is a really old house, isn't it mommy?" I sheepishly grinned, realizing she had picked up on my attitude about the house we live in. Me, oh my ... I still have a lot to learn (and I need to watch how I say things around my daughter). I've decided I need to come up with a book idea for little girls that goes along with the Lies Women Believe. :) :) :) I know there's one out for teens ... but I'm talking about one for real little girls!! :) Btw, I realize this is "normal" behavior for little girls and I am enjoying these girly moments with her, especially since she's my only girl. :) :) I just want to make certain she grows up knowing how valuable she is in God's eyes and what true beauty is. :) :)

ok... enough chit chat. Time for me to get back to work. I'll let you know what Richard's surprise is once I know! :) :) Sounds like we'll need some raincoats....'twill be quite rainy. Honestly, rain will not matter to us. We'll be whistling in the rain .... happy to be together. ... :) :) :) sorry--I'm such a romantic. And .... I can't whistle. :) : ) :)

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