Monday, October 5, 2009

Nothing uncommon with kids

I am very pleased with the effort Caleb has been putting forth in the 4th grade at Zion Lutheran. He has been working very hard and his teacher has been wonderful. Caleb loves going to school each morning and is "fitting in" well w his classmates (from what I hear). The problem we have run into with Caleb, is his not remembering to bring home all of his homework... or completing his homework but leaving it in his folder at school. Even though he has an assignment notebook to keep track of work due, sometimes he doesn't write everything down because he decides it is already finished ( but leaves it at school in his folder). I could share more, but I think this is enough. :) :)

While taking my son to school today, a mom was speaking quite sternly to her son for having left his math homework at home. This particular child has never been home schooled and I felt relieved that homework trouble must be common for other 4th graders! ;)

I'm not certain that forgetting and/or correcting home work are necessary to the life-learning process, but I understand that it teaches responsibility for ones' own work ... which is very important. I am praying that I will have (and keep) a good attitude and not tire reminding my son to bring home ALL his homework. :) :)

Another topic for another time is the fact that I don't think tests and lists accurately test a child's knowledge and understanding on a subject. I will elaborate later. :)

I WILL say that I am very proud of Caleb's hard work in all of his subjects at school. He had not studied Spanish before, and did very well on his test (which I had been concerned over since I don't know Spanish myself). His teacher had given us a CD to practice with and I'm certain that is what helped us. All the other students have had Spanish since first grade. I'm thankful for Caleb's success with Spanish (so far) because I do not want him to become discouraged with the tests and quizzes among all the other schoolish things to adjust to within the school year (remembering to bring home his homework, for instance).

Beginning band begins Wednesday and I'm looking forward to hearing his percussion practices (I think ...we'll see). ::)

I need to go now and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. :)
oh-- I went to a school meeting this morning .... and will try to help more in Caleb's school (helping with different events during the year, school awards, etc.). I know that it's important for me to be an involved parent, but don't want to become overwhelmed with everything else I need to do. I am praying for wisdom.

Another mom in my Bible small group is experiencing some of the same things with her daughter who is in a school setting for the first time after having been home schooled, and we are praying for each other with our adjustments. I'm thankful we can take everything to God in prayer ... though I often forget and fret in the process. I'm grateful for friends and family who pray for us; they have been a huge blessing. My prayer is that I in turn pray for others as if their need(s) are my own.

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