Wednesday, October 21, 2009

School daze ... and other thoughts ... :)

Today has been interesting because even though I started out "late", time froze and I was able to catch up! The morning began with rushing Caleb to school with both younger siblings not dressed. I felt guilty dropping Caleb off since it was "band day" and he had to wheel his large percussion set behind him--without my help. He looked mighty proud walking with it (and pulling the case up the steps ... I cringed, hoping he was pulling the case "just so" on its wheels and not dragging it on the cement--we're only renting it!). I think He was just fine, so I can stop the guilt now. :) :) :)

After returning home, the younger two finally dressed and then played while I exercised with P90X. I actually did more than two pull ups today!! yeah! Then, I finally ate breakfast! yum! I don't intend to wait so late in the morning to eat, but that's how it seems to work with having to refrain from eating at least 30 minutes [Dr.'s prefer waiting closer to an hour] after having taken my medication each morning. Add the A.M. rush to get everyone breakfast and out the door, and I simply do not eat. Once home, the kids see me eating and then enjoy their second breakfast. lol. :)
I honestly need to get up earlier in the morning and go to bed earlier. I've been saying this for years ... my energy naturally revs up around 8 pm....

We surprisingly completed our school work in record time even with beginning our school day a bit late. I don't always work out in the morning, by the way, most times I exercise at night when the kids are in bed.

Ashlyn nearly has the hang of writing her name ... how exciting! :)
She struggles with making letters "s" and "y", but we are working on them. :) She totally enjoys coloring her school work pages. :) :)

Antonin has been doing a fantastic job in school, and listens intently while we read about children around the world and their need for a Savior. We are nearly finished reading Charlotte's Web, our all time favorite book to study. :)

Mid-afternoon, I decided to practice some old Hymns I used to play many years ago. I hadn't played on our keyboard for so long, but the Hymnal my mom had written chords inside was nicely marked and familiar. I was amazed by how the music came back to me . The kids loved it, and I felt like such a celebrity with their exclamations of, "Oh, what a pretty song ..." :) :) :) In reality, I'm a below average player, and am needing lessons. I just won't tell them that. LOL! :) :)

Well, for some reason I was feeling energetic today, so after picking Caleb up from school, I tackled the decorative grasses in the backyard. I was so tired of their monstrous blades reaching up to touch our roof. I'm pleased to report they are cut down for the fall/winter season!! :) :) :) :) Oh--Caleb helped me cut them down. :) :)
Now that he's ten years old, it's amazing what all he can do ....

...except for finishing his homework. No, I shouldn't say that. I was a bit frustrated this evening when I discovered he had not completed his English homework correctly or re-written his book report, which is due on Friday. Richard had told me that Caleb only had a few corrections to make and would soon be finished with his book report. Umm ... I'm the writer in our family and cannot stand fragmented sentences [not saying hubby is a poor writer, he was not being as picky]. There were many spelling errors along with confusing information, which required us to refer back to the book several times. Long story short, we spent a long time marking up his paper, and I was very frustrated whilethinking to myself, "I might as well be homeschooling!!!!!!!!!"
Yes, Caleb works on his homework when he first comes home from school, but there is always something to work on (requiring us to spread it out through the evening). I'm grateful for the time Richard does spend helping with school work, because I know it's a sacrifice for him too. He's in the middle of studying for his CFE (still). :)

I am thankful for being able to turn to God (no matter how frustrated) to yell out, "HELP!!!"

Caleb is doing a wonderful job re-working his book report, and he should be able to hand it in on time Friday!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) I'm probably an overly-concerned mother, especially since he has always moaned & groaned at the very thought of having to write just one sentence! I'm very proud of all his hard work. [this is the next day ... I'm adding to this blog post to tell you that Caleb finished his report!!! Yeah, Hallelujah!! It took much sweat and tears, but he finally handed in his
three paged cursive handwritten report this morning!!! I am quite pleased and relieved!!! I'm praising God for this.... it was not an easy task!]

I need to stop writing now and start cleaning (& cooking).... :) :) "Til next time ....
Me... the big, bad mom who stands over her kids and makes them write. ha ha [evil laugh]. :)


Kendy Jo said...

Despite your frustrations,I know you know God knows ALL about All your problems.:o):o)lol!!:)

I love reading your posts!!:)

See You,
Kendy JO

Sarasreflections said...

Thanks Kendra!
You are a sweet girl! : ) : )

Anonymous said...

So proud of Caleb,too! That is a BIG accomplishment for a 10 yr.old! WOW!
Enjoy your posts, Sara!

Sarasreflections said...

Yes, Stephanie ... I'm amazed at what 4th grade teachers expect out of little boys. lol. He was supposed to write at least one page (minimum), but he ended up being chatty about the book, which I did not want to discourage (rare moments). He wrote the report over several weeks' time.

Sarasreflections said...

Although his final draft as mentioned in this post, took place in two evenings.