Friday, October 30, 2009

quick thoughts

I have really been enjoying the CBS study on the book of Luke, and wanted to share a few things that are special to me.
In my previous post I typed about new things with my health and with my children's schooling that is difficult to accept, and how I need to pour my heart out to God instead of worrying.
Today, I read (in Luke) that when Jesus taught, He was concerned most about peoples' attitudes and reactions... rather than their life circumstances. For me, a light bulb came on in my brain and I finally realized that God does not care about my health issues, for example. :) Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying he doesn't care about me .... I'm saying that when He looks at me, He sees my heart attitude-- not my circumstances. This explains why I can boldly come to Him for wisdom, strength, and peace. When He looks at me, He doesn't see my limitations (at times I feel like a prisoner of my body when I'm fatigued, roller coaster emotions, etc. lol.). Instead, He looks past all my weaknesses and sees what He has created me to be ... and then gives me a path in which to walk. [Philippians 4:6-7]
Another CBS quote: "...His compassion is always far greater than our need."

I am quoting from my Bible study material: "Abiding in Christ gives us an everlasting purpose for our daily lives ..." Wow, what a thought! The ordinary, daily grind .... the good and the bad ... He has a plan for it all...

I often doubt God's eternal purposes. I have never understood why I've experienced silly hashimoto thyroid since my young adult years...along with all the other deep "life" questions I've had [smile :) ]. What a comfort knowing that Christ does not mind being questioned!
While in prison, John the Baptist doubted who Jesus was, and Jesus' response was simply to tell him (through a messenger) what was happening. True, God may not tell me what's going on when I ask Him "why" ... lol .... but at least I can experience His peace while I seek Him ( most questions won't be answered until eternity). :)

Ok .... it's very, very late and I need to go to bed now because I can't think anymore. I only hope this thought from CBS made sense and blessed you too!! Goodnight!!!! :) By the way, I have such a sweet husband. He knows I like to write on Friday nights .... and then he lets me sleep in on Saturday mornings. Isn't he the best??? Yes-- I have been practicing my writing skills on some past assignments...... I just need to be more diligent about bugging publications. Richard keeps reminding me .... :) :) So much to do ....

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the thoughts you shared,Sara! Thank you for using your writing gift to bless others!
Hope your rash goes away soon- I know what it is like- and it is very miserable. Hope you all have a great weekend- wish you were here! blessings- Love ya'll, Stephanie