Saturday, September 19, 2009

Umm ... I need to learn how to upload photos from the web to my blog [sheepish grin] ... but until then, the link above is one of a beautiful mountain flower!! : ) :)

My Pampered Chef party went well, and exceeded my expectations. I honestly had wondered if many people would show up, but when it was all "said and done", there was a nice turn out and I was pleasantly surprised.

My plan is to have people over more often, or to invite them to shop with me. I have found in the past that it is difficult planning these things with family schedules, but it's worth the effort!! : ) : ) : )

I have also decided that I need to blog more and facebook less. I certainly cannot do both, and prefer writing and sharing more about our family in a "journal" sort of way.

First thing I'll need to try and learn, is how to upload photos from the web (not my own photos). I'm sure it is a very simple task, I just need instructions in English, folks!!! No comprendo science fiction -- I mean, computer science. LOL! :) : ) : ) : )

Oh--happy birthday to my husband, Richard. Neither of us can believe he's 37!

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Kendy Jo said...

I know its hard to upload pics and videos and stuff.I find it especially hard to.
I am glad your pamper Chef Party went well and good.
Tell U. Richard HAPPY B-Day from the Sorrells in Mo.:)

-Kendy Jo(for the matt sorrell family)