Wednesday, September 23, 2009


From the beginning of time, women have experienced roller coaster after roller coaster with a variety of emotions ... until one day they become a grandma and all their hormones melt into a distant fog. That sounded nice, but I'm unsure of its accuracy. ;)

I admit I have not had a good (beginning of a)week. My roller coaster plummeted very low, and I was the worse mom and wife in the whole continent of North America.
The good news is that I'm over my roller coaster experience (for now) and am more "normal" .... and my family still loves me. :) :)

I'm focusing my extra energy on cleaning the house before my parents visit us this weekend! Not only did I clean the garage, but I also went through all the kids' clothing in storage (garage), and swapped some of their spring/summer clothes for fall/winter. The boys share a small bedroom, and we keep one season of clothing in their room at a time. We are using a foot locker for their shorts/pants or sweaters (in winter), and it suits them just fine. At times, I'm tempted to feel impatient with where we live ... wishing for a bigger home ... but I know that we need to be content with what we have no matter how long we end up living in this house.

Anyhow, I am so thrilled that I have the clothing project finished, and may go on to other things ....on to scrubbing the kitchen floor, steam-cleaning the carpet, and making raspberry pies. lol! I really am kidding. : ) : ) Richard was out of town last night and tonight, so I have been able to focus more on lengthy, time consuming projects. :)

We have received I don't know
how many advertisements from tree cutting/yard care businesses, with people asking if we needed any tree removal services. The reason I find this humorous, is because it's quite obvious that we have a dead tree in our side yard, a dying tree near our garage, and two or three other trees in dire need of trimmings. These businesses must drive around neighborhoods in search of work, see our poor trees, and say to themselves, "Oh wow there's a yard that needs help!!" LOL!! :) We have received many, many door-to-door advertisements--that have unfortunately, been thrown away. We can't bring ourselves to spend thousands of dollars on trees when I'm wanting to replace light fixtures and purchase some new furniture!! lol! hee hee hee .... :) : ) : ) Maybe one of these days a strong storm will remove the dead trees for us. Hmm ... I need to be careful what I say. :)

Ok ... I need to finish my home work for the ladies' Bible study tomorrow morning (CBS). I will share what we have been studying in the book of Luke another time (it's very good ...). : ) :)

....Goodnight ....sleep tight ....

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