Monday, September 28, 2009

Apple picking & soccer with Grandma & Grandpa

We enjoyed our visit with my parents this past weekend ... and the children had so much fun picking (and eating) apples!! It's beginning to feel more like fall .... :) :) :)

We also enjoyed watching the boys' soccer games (even though their teams did not win). What good games! :) :) We appreciate the focus on Scripture memory and good sportsmanship through the Upward soccer program (similar to Upward basketball).

I like this photo of Antonin showing his excitment over his teams' score! :) :) :)

Making memories with grandma & grandpa Shelley was fun ... :) :) They left this morning for their home in Indiana ... the kiddos miss them and look forward to seeing them at Christmas time when we will travel northward! :)
While grandma & grandpa Shelley were visiting, I found out that grandma & grandpa Sorrell will be visiting us next week!! Richard has a surprise for me ... he is planning a get-away trip for us while his parents watch our kids (here in our home) for three days. I am a bit surprised and excited to find what all he has planned. So far, he has not told me anything but that we are going 5 hours away, and for me to bring fall clothing. Hmm ... how suspenseful! He has been planning this for awhile and has just now told me ... so I suppose there's no connection between my hormonal roller coaster (as mentioned in previous post) and this (must he think I really need a break)!! LOL! :) :) :) No ones' b'day, no anniversary ... just a nice little get-away. How sweet of Richard! I'm looking forward to it. :) :) :)

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