Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday to our son! :)

I am very thankful for our ten year old! When he was a young child, he was sick a lot ... but then God seemed to touch him around seven years of age. I want to make certain that I acknowledge God's hand in Caleb's life ... so often we take good health for granted until we're sick again!
ok .... here is the story I wrote for my class assignment (I am still polishing it):

One still night in Judea, a mother named Miriam tended to her son, Caleb, who was too sick to lift his head. He was often sick with a fever that lasted for days, gradually improving only to become sick again a few months later. The village doctors were perplexed, and offered no helpful solutions for the young family.
Miriam often wondered how long the illness would last and would cry at night. “He’s much too little to handle this!”
Caleb stirred from his sleep, licking his lips, “Water … Mom. I want water.”
Miriam gave her son a small sip, knowing too much would induce vomiting. Caleb grasped the cup tightly like a mad man, “More water, I want more!”
Miriam struggled to take the cup from him-one small finger at a time. Caleb began to cry, waving his arms and legs deliriously. Miriam cried along with him, pulling his fevered body into her lap. “You will be okay, Caleb. I can’t give you much to drink right now. I’m doing what I can …” Knowing her son did not comprehend her words, she continued to pray, place cool cloths on his body and help him through each bout of sickness.
Once Caleb fell to sleep, Miriam ran to awake her husband.
“James, we must do something!”
James groggily asked,“Is Caleb any better?”
“No, he is only getting worse, and I can’t stand watching him suffer anymore.” Miriam placed her head in her hands and massaged her forehead.
“I don’t know what more can be done, Miriam.” James furrowed his brow and sighed.
Miriam fought against the panic rising within her and lifted her head. “What about finding Jesus? I’ve been hearing reports that he is a teacher--some claim he is a prophet. He’s been healing the sick and raising the dead, and the last I heard he was on his way to our village. There wouldn’t be anything to lose.”

Miriam watched her husband carry their child in his arms and reached out to adjust the blanket wrapped around Caleb. They had walked several miles and now a beautiful sunrise beckoned them forward.
“Is Caleb still breathing?” Miriam questioned, fear coursing through her heart.
James did not answer.
“Do you need help?” a voice broke into the distraught parents’ thoughts, and they looked up to see a man sitting near a well holding a flask of water. James wearily laid Caleb near the well while Miriam tearfully attempted to explain their predicament.
The man handed her the flask of water and then lifted Caleb into His arms. “I saw you on your journey; everything is going to be alright.”
James and Miriam were enveloped in an indescribable peace and knew they had found Jesus and that their prayers had been answered.

[Jesus healed and raised so many people in the Bible, not all accounts were recorded. My oldest son was often ill as a young child and I learned to take him to Jesus again and again. Thus, the healings within the Bible have been very meaningful to me.]

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