Sunday, August 9, 2009

We enjoyed the wedding yesterday ... it was the first wedding ever for our children to witness, so it was fun whispering into their ears explaining everything that happened. lol! Our daughter constantly talks about getting married some day so she can kiss her husband on the lips ... oh boy ... are we ready for her to get any older (she's only 4 1/2)??? The wedding was a reminder of my own (& Richard's) vows that took place 11 1/2 years ago ... and caused me to think about our journey ... how He has been faithful to guide us along this amazing path... wow! :) : ) : ) : ) Now to pass on what we know ... and teach our children to be Godly spouses for their future mates ....yikes! Can we do it? No, we can't--much too overwhelming. Only by God's grace.

Oh-- regarding my last post, why can't I ever remember Who God is??
I know I'll be fine in-between two "schooling- worlds". Yes, private and home school will be an interesting juggling/balancing- act this year while my knees knock together, but perhaps God wants me out of my comfort zone (this appears to be a constant theme in my life; God continually pulls me out of boxes).
I met a new family in church who is exactly in the same boat as us-- as far as schooling goes. They will be sending their oldest to 4th grade this year (but different school than Caleb), while homeschooling their younger two children. I have enjoyed talking with the mother and plan on contacting her this week .... I'm looking forward to our getting together with their family.

I'm not feeling well and don't know what my problem is. I'm presently returning to bed (I think my body's going through withdrawal from the the drugs they gave me for the itchy rash I had on my arms/ upper body in Florida ....I know it sounds crazy, and have no proof, but I wonder. Am finished with the meds now and I still have a faint rash that appears to be returning ... I wonder when it will ever leave). Should this continue, I might consider visiting an alternative doctor to hear his take on this.
Oh-- my niece, Kendra is being baptized today in Missouri. My thoughts are with her and the family ... praise God for her commitment to Christ!!! :) : ) : ) : )

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