Saturday, August 22, 2009

Exciting things about school...

Caleb has begun his 4th grade year at Zion Lutheran, and I'm so glad we sent him this year. I honestly feel like he needs more of a challenge. I'm used to schooling real little kids, not older children. Seeing his homework after the first day of school, I realize how much more he has been capable of (compared to what we were doing at home). No, the work is not too overwhelming ... he is memorizing his memory work quite well, and doing a good job studying his 24 spelling words. For some time I've needed guidance and help with schooling him, and I know this is exactly what I've needed-- well, my preference would have been a UMS or something like it, but we can't pine away for schools that do not exist in our area, can we?! Classical Conversations was really close to what we desired ... but felt I needed more guidance than what CC offered. Positive peer pressure is very good for Caleb (his personality), along with the guidance of a good school teacher for me to partner with. I am feeling much more at ease with this school year. I am continuing to school Antonin and Ashlyn at home, enjoying our time together. :) :) :)
We shall see what the schooling future holds. :)
Good luck to you all with your new school year ..... :)

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