Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wow! Our trip has come to an end and we are on our way back home. We have been traveling all day, will travel all day tomorrow, and will arrive home sometime (Lord willing) tomorrow evening. :) In some ways staying in Florida for two weeks was wonderfully long (like a second home), and in other ways it seemed to fly by very quickly!

Both Richard and I are very tired ... so thankful for a safe trip so far. I've been reminded that the point of powerlessness is the place where Christ most easily supplies what one needs, ultimately to show Who He is. Near the end of our stay in Florida, I ended up with a really annoying itchy rash all over my arms which continued to spread somewhere new each day. Making a long story short, the night before leaving on our road trip home, I barely slept a wink because of the effects of the drug I was taking (allergic reaction (?) to something along with the constant itching on my arms, neck, shoulders, back .... ugh! The next morning, I knew it was going to be impossible for me to go all day long without sleep with all the preparations for travel, last minute laundry, etc. Richard prayed with me before he left the hotel for work, but thenI panicked after awaking from a short snooze after he was gone. Long story short, I asked two friends to pray for me and then prayed for myself. I prayed that God would give me strength and stamina for the day because I felt extremely worthless from the lack of sleep. Wow ... what peace and calm all morning long. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised, considering God always answers prayer ... :) :) :) I battle doubt so often, and am sure that God's in Heaven shaking his head saying, "Sara, Sara, Sara ..." :) :)

So ... here we are on our way back home. My rash hasn't really improved all that much and I'm wondering if taking the medicine is doing any good at all. At least it has quit spreading. Both Richard and Ashlyn have also come down with this mysterious rash, but they haven't reacted in an allergic way (yay). I'm not certain why my body has reacted so allergically -- if that's a word. lol! :)

Well ... I need to go stretch my legs. It's been a long traveling day. :)

Oh-- guess what?! After having written all about Caleb not liking to read and throwing away a book some time ago ...? Well, I think he is going to do GREAT in school this year with reading, and I'm no longer concerned. We participated in Florida's summer reading program since we were there for two weeks, and Caleb ended up joining in full force. He was the first one of my kids to receive his free book as reward. What happened?? We were unable to check out books since we were on a trip and would spend an hour or two nearly each day, browsing books and reading (or spending time at Barnes & Noble, writing down the book titles read). I had to hold back a smirk when Caleb excitedly told me, "Mom, the librarian said that I need to read one more hour to get the free book ... can we stay one more hour?" Before one suggests that perhaps I did not offer enough reward(s) for reading or offer guidelines, encouragement or enough instruction ... I have tried everything and nothing ever worked. Someone else besides mom or dad giving instructions seems to work really well for him. The great part about all this reading in Florida is that we can use these same book titles for our summer reading program at home in Illinois! Yay! :) :) :)

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