Tuesday, July 7, 2009

God is good

It's been while since I've updated my blog because life has been busy! Well ... it always is busy :).
The older I get, the more Hashimoto thyroid bothers me. Each day, week or month is different...some days are great, some not so great (I'm sure this is true for most everybody though). During a recent doctor visit I was pleased to find that I'm "where I need to be" health-wise ... yes, the ups and downs continue, but it's helpful knowing I'm "fine". :) :) I had totally underestimated the value of exercise, and at my doctor's suggestion, decided to pick my New Years' Resolution back up. lol! :) My husband normally works out at the Y and jogs, but I find it difficult to cut time out of my morning (without child care too) to go with him. With being a home school er, I've always felt funny taking my school -aged children to the Y's daycare (mid-morning) for me to work out. I realize not everyone is bothered by that kind of thing ... but I am. I needed something I could stick with! Well, my husband and I decided to try the P90X DVD's. No, we are not body builders by any stretch of the imagination, but thought the variety and the focus on health would be good. So far, we are enjoying working out together, but will have to admit that I like the program more than my husband does. Richard finds it difficult following along with the instructor and copying their moves, whereas, I'm just fine with it. I used to attend classes at the Y, so I'm somewhat used to following/copying. Richard, on the other hand, has always been an independent fitness person. We're sticking with it, Richard's not yet given up, and I can honestly tell a difference in my anxiety and energy levels (a good thing). Even if Richard eventually drops out and goes back to the Y, this is something I know I'll continue because I've been feeling so much better. :) Of course, I'm hoping he doesn't drop out ... I enjoy having him as my accountability partner! :) :)

Sometimes it's kind of depressing considering (while at the Dr.'s office) how I eventually won't have a functioning thyroid (one side is damaged from the Hashimoto Autoimmune disorder and will never work again; the working side will eventually fail as well), but I am quickly reminded that it's only a thyroid! There are much worse problems to have!!! Yes, I'm on medication. Apparently, whenever my entire thyroid quits working, I'll be entirely on meds so I guess that's the reason it's not a big deal ... hmm... that isn't comforting. :( What comforts me is the knowledge of an all-knowing God who never makes mistakes. :) :)

We are getting ready for a trip to Florida! Richard has an up-coming business trip, and we will be going with him! We are all looking forward to this very much! :) Of course, this is business for Richard ... it's vacation for me and the kids. :) :) We are returning to the same location we stayed last May (again, Richard's business), so I will know my way around better this time and have an even clearer picture in my head of what we'll do! :)

Speaking of our trip ... I need to get off of here and get some things finished! We'll be leaving before you know it! :)

God has been good to us ... :)

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