Saturday, May 2, 2009

God is Sovereign and good. :) :) : )

I chose the above title for this post because I am thankful for Who God is. :) : ) : )
As you probably already know, Caleb will be attending Zion Lutheran school this coming fall for 4th grade. We stopped by the school the other day to talk to the principal, etc., and ran into Caleb's old kindergarten teacher from 3 years ago [he had attended half-day K]. We had such a pleasant conversation which made Caleb feel more comfortable with going back to school there. I could tell a difference in him; I think he will adjust fine. I'm certainly feeling much more encouraged myself.
As mentioned previously, I would have liked to have home schooled Caleb longer, but my husband put his foot down in our home [he doesn't mind my blaming him]. :)

Praise God when He makes a direction clear, one doesn't need to question or second guess it. I am peaceful and content knowing that it's ultimately God Who made this decision for us (whether I totally like it or not)....and disciplining our children involves more than home schooling or even what school they attend. Sure, there might be more to discuss with our son when he comes home from school, but that can be a grand opportunity. There's no need to be hesitant about "problems" that arise at school; they can build character and maturity within a child (with God's help) . Also, this doesn't mean that we'll never home school Caleb never knows what the future holds from one year to the next [ Zion only goes through 8th grade].

I'm looking forward to next fall...and thankful for God's guidance and peace in our lives.

One of these days, by the way, I WILL figure out how to fix photos on my new lap top so they will fit on this blog [decreasing pixel size]. I know....I have put it off for too long. I need someone to show me how. I might just need to purchase a computer software [like paint shop or something] that's easy to use. I had paint shop on our old computer before everything was erased from the memory when we had Windows re-loaded. My brother had added the paint shop to our computer years ago while working on our computer, but I can't add it back onto computer because I don't have the disk [and my brother lives 7 hrs away). Time to go "computer photo software shopping"......whenever you see photos appearing within my posts, you can rejoice with me! :) :) : )

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