Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yes! I have finally updated my background!!! :) : ) I'm excited about my blog's new look, and will hopefully be more faithful in keeping it up to date. :) : )
Blogging is a lot of fun if a person knows what they are doing. For those of us who don't...there's a website called "cutestblogontheblock"(the name is at top left hand side of this page). A big thanks to a young lady at church who mentioned this site to me. :) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )'s time for me double check the boys' math work and then begin my own school assignment. There's a busy week/weekend/week ahead!!! By the way, I have also changed a few songs in my favorite music list because many of them got moved/removed on youtube! I'll need to keep finding more of my favorites. :)

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Anonymous said...

I look your new look! ;P