Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mops....:) :) :)

I have nearly come to the conclusion that mops are useless cleaning instruments, and more for decorating the garage—to give the appearance that the home owner mops her floors. The mop I had as a newlywed amazingly lasted for several years and when the time finally came to discard it, I had no idea what I was getting into. Every mop I have since purchased has ended up breaking after 6 months of use and/or has not satisfactorily cleaned my floors. The mop before last was used 4 times before a major piece broke off; it happened while I was mopping the floor. I had just thought to myself one moment earlier how much I liked using the mop, when its head suddenly crashed to the floor, causing an irreplaceable part to break. I furiously finished the floors with little control over the flopping mop head. I was disgusted! My eyes flashed angrily as I complained to my husband how worthless mops were, and how scrubbing on hands and knees worked best. “Give mops another try,” my husband encouraged.
“He just doesn’t understand,” I grumbled under my breath, crunching the dilapidated mop into the garbage can.
The next day I was back to my composed self and decided to give the mop world another try. I headed to the nearest department store and chose the most expensive mop, desperately hoping it would exceed my expectations! Should this mop prove dependable, I just might mop my floors more often. :) :)

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