Monday, April 27, 2009

Yay! I'm mostly finished with lesson 6! I should be able to send it [email] this evening while the guys are at cub scouts. : ) : ) : )
I was sitting here wondering if I should attempt teaching my boys piano for the 3rd year in a row [ahem, I've had good intentions], or if I should finally give up and find a piano teacher. One good move on my part is that I'm actually praying about it this time. :) :) I'm hoping the answer will come soon....
Another answer we're waiting on is whether or not Caleb will be attending Zion Lutheran; we are still waiting for an answer. I might bug them soon. : ) : )
Before I get off this computer, I wanted to leave you with a short thought.

The other evening, we took a family walk on a trail [in a park], and Ashlyn was frightened because it was nearly dusk outdoors. She continually asked me if I was going to leave her lost in the dark, and clung tightly to my hand. After I reassured her with, "No, mommy won't get you lost or leave you in the dark," Ashlyn asked, "Would Daddy leave me in the dark?". We both (mom and dad) reassured her over and over during the walk that we would not leave her in the dark, but she continued to ask the same question over and over-- in various ways. Finally, when we left the park's trail and began walking toward our vehicle, Ashlyn exclaimed, "Oh, look! You were right, mommy and daddy! You didn't get us lost in the dark!!" The boys didn't join me and Richard in smiling at her reaction [Caleb was busy informing her that he had known the whole time where he was and where he was going].
I was reminded how we walk through life holding God's hand, continually asking Him if He's ever going to leave us in the dark. Deep down we know the answer, but it's so difficult for us to grasp the concept in our humanness. God reassures us over and over again in His Word that He will never leave....He is not only walking with us, but holding our hand, leading the way. It's our job to hold tightly to our Father's hand and follow, because we cannot see or know what He does.
What a comforting, peaceful thought for God's children....if only we weren't so forgetful. :)

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