Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Family...and cuckoo clocks

My parents came to see us! They are here for a few days....we'll be celebrating Easter a bit early since they are planning to be back home by Sunday.
I love the cuckoo clock they brought me from Grandpa's house!!!
My maternal Grandpa Pletcher, who passed away in February, used to fix clocks and watches for people, and I have vivid memories of walking into his workshop to see and hear all the clocks ticking on the wall; in my childish mind, it seemed as if there were a wall full of cuckoo clocks ticking in unison, each taking turns to "COO-COO-COO-COO" :) :) : )
The cuckoo clock looks very nice on my kitchen wall, but I'll have to admit that it has already startled me! I was washing dishes this evening, deep in thought, when all of a sudden I heard, "COO-COO-COO...", I jumped out of my skin before realizing it was only the clock. lol!! :)
The children love keeping track of the time, waiting for the bird to come out during the "coo-coo's". : ) : ) : )
Memories of Grandpa sort of overwhelmed me when we set the clock up on the wall....hopefully I'll get used to it. If I never do, I guess I'll have to write about it {maybe a poem?} :)

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