Monday, February 23, 2009

Our interesting family adventure

As you may know, we headed on to Washington, DC, after leaving Indiana. It was rather odd mourning over Grandpa's death while experiencing excitement over the opportunity to accompany Richard to DC. Was I supposed to be sad or happy? I felt a bit confused. Oh--I can't forget to mention that on our way to DC we stopped in Gettysburg, PA for the night, and then visited the battle field the next morning. It was a fun day learning more about Civil War History. : ) : ) : ) No, there was no Genealogy finds for me there. I had discovered over the phone that it was only Family fable/myth that claimed our gggrandfather's name was on a monument there. lol! :) Once at Gettysburg, I asked for insight on some National cemeteries.....and hopefully I'll some day find out where my ancestor was buried. :)
The day we drove into Arlington, VA [right across the Potomac river from DC] was cold and windy--but sunny and beautiful!!! : ) We drove along George Washington Memorial Parkway......It was such a lovely drive. You know that an area is
very, very beautiful when it's appealing to the eye in the middle of winter! I can't even imagine what it must look like during the spring & summer months. After admiring our surroundings awhile (while making guesses which roads we were to take--at least Richard acted as if he knew what he was doing), we checked into our hotel and excitedly talked about what we were going to do first. We decided it'd be best for me and the kids to ride the metro into DC while Richard was in his meetings. We were a little intimidated by the metro system, so decided to give it a trial run as a family. After riding once through, I had a good idea of what I was doing, and felt prepared to tackle it the next day. Or so I thought. Ashlyn had a fever the next morning. *sigh*. I decided to do some laundry and have the boys work on some school work.We went on long walks underneath the streets near the hotel ["Crystal City"] where there were many shops, restaurants and stores. I found some Tylenol for Ashlyn among other items. :) :) I wanted to take the kids to a museum the next day, so I bundled Ashlyn up, and carried her (Caleb & Antonin walked) all the way to the metro stop and into the National Museum of Natural History. The boys were excited to see all the bugs, skeletons and dinosaurs in the museum. It was an awesome place for them! Caleb was quite interested in the skeletons. Antonin liked the sea creatures and shells the best. By the end of the day my back, arms and legs were aching. As I struggled through the frigid, blowing wind on the way back to the metro stop, one of the boys mentioned, "I'm tired of walking, mom!" I was like, "I know all about it......we're almost there!" I had decided that was the only museum I was going to try in one day--with carrying Ashlyn!! ! :) The next day (Friday), Richard didn't have anymore meetings, so he accompanied us to the Air and Space Museum, and the American History museum. The museums were quite interesting... there was nearly too much information made my head swim. DC is definitely a place to visit again and again!!! One can't see or take in everything in just a few days! :) :) :)
Saturday, Feb. 21st, was our 11th wedding anniversary (yeah). We had planned to visit the Washington, Lincoln memorials and possibly see the inside of the Capitol. I decided that Ashlyn wasn't well enough to walk around DC, so I stayed in the hotel room with her while Richard took the boys to see the monuments, White House, and other places of interest. I have to admit that I felt like crying, "AAUGH!" at the top of my lungs, but I managed to remember that there is a reason for everything and that God never makes mistakes--even with sickness (His ways are higher than ours...that's why we often don't understand Him). The boys had a blast visiting the monuments and say it was their favorite part of the trip.... Richard did not go inside the Capitol because he wants to do it as a whole family (aww, how sweet) I guess we'll see the Capitol another time. : ) : ) When Richard and the boys returned from site seeing, they took us on a drive for my that I could see all the monuments. The Capitol building was so majestic, glistening in the evening sun!!! Richard agreed with me that it's more magnificent than the White House! Washington DC is such a beautiful city!!! I was in awe! As mentioned earlier, DC is a place one needs to visit multiple times....and even then, I don't think it would be enough. Oh...and in case you are wondering, Ashlyn is just fine now. Even though it was hard having sick kids on this trip, I'm thankful for the time we had together as a family....experiencing life. :) :) :)

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