Tuesday, January 6, 2009

computer pain--ouch!

I'm sure you remember my lamenting awhile back about all the computer problems we had. No, the problems are not completely fixed, I'm able to access the Internet on my "side" of the computer. My husbands side still doesn't work, so he uses mine. I have done everything my brother has told me to do...all the scans... etc., etc. I realized that our burner is not working either, so haven't been able to save any photos or documents to CD's during this whole process ......AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGHHH!!! In panic, I began printing things out from files that I didn't want to lose, and then slowed down when Richard came into the room. He is an optimist and tried to encourage me: "Everything will be alright; don't worry", "DOn't WORRY????", I exclaimed, " Don't you see all the important documents I have on this computer, not to mention the photo files that I cannot save...I last saved my photos in April.......so months May through December 2008 are not saved!!!" Richard calmly responded, "Well, that's why you're supposed to back up the photos often."
The moment a female is upset over her computer files, is not the time for a man to be practical (I quickly got over it though, and found his suggestions helpful--thanks Richard!)!! : ) : ) : ) : )
Richard pointed out that it'd be better for me to send any files I want to save, to an email account [instead of frantically printing them all out], and that my photos will be alright....my photos from April 2008 to the present, are still on the memory card in my camera (yes, I can fit a lot of photos on it!), and I can upload the other misc. ones...to Snapfish (or flickr). I guess this means that I'm needing to postpone any special or new projects for now.
I don't want to work hard on something, only to lose it!!!!
We may have to take the computer in to a real "shop" soon, and get it fixed. Either that, or simply purchase something else. I think I've had my share of Computer Science. Looking on the bright side, I'm glad we've been able to use the Internet... and that I've learned something about sick computers. :)

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