Friday, January 2, 2009

A poem for Ashlyn's b-day ( bit late)

I'm not really a poet...but this is a good try. :) I don't know what's up with this highlighting color...can't get it to leave!

Our Precious gift from Heaven arrived one frosty cold, wintry day, God knew what we needed, and sent her via special delivery. While holding her in my arms, I knew little what a blessing she'd be. All I knew was that my little, helpless girl needed me. She's growing up so quickly, and I wish that time would stand still.. even for just a moment...but I know it never will. The sleepless nights with colic is but a fading's grand that we tend to remember the good in everything. I've been watching her little ways, and how she relishes all her days. She rises each morning with a smile on her face, and eagerly puts things back in its place.Though I could easily work much faster, there is nothing like a happy little "helper". Most days she can't wait to play outside, to run with her kite and zip down the big slide. I watch her hair fly behind her, hear squeals of delight. I pray that I won't take these moments for granted ... that I will always be thankful for my precious gift from Heaven.

When our gift grows into a young lady, will she remember we once played house and fixed tea? Will she think of the books that we read together, and recite them from memory? Will she enjoy our shopping trips, an afternoon painting nails and styling hair….or will she roll her eyes and say she wished I wasn’t there! If my daughter initiates discussions at midnight, will I have the patience to listen….and have Wisdom to know the answers? One day- if God blesses my daughter with a young man to marry, her father and I will need to inform him, “Our daughter was a special gift from above, and we have loved her from the very start….you have our approval ONLY if you cherish her with all your heart.” They say you gain a son in marriage. Yes, that may be true, but there’s nothing so dear to a parent’s heart, than the love of one’s 'little' girl. I pray we won’t take life's moments for granted,
but always be thankful for our precious gift(s) from Heaven.

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Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful,Sara. I think you ARE a poet!! You truly have been given a precious treasure! She is such a sweet and happy little girl! Love ya'll, Stephanie