Friday, January 9, 2009

Life is good...

I haven't been as faithful writing on this blog, because I 've been looking for friends on Facebook! I'm so curious to see what everyone's status is each day. : ) : )
I need to cut down my time spent on the computer with a New Year's Resolution. :) : ) : )
I am SO cold, and I don't know why! I need to go jump around the living room to get warmed up. I'll turn some music on while I'm at it. The children are with Richard at the Pine wood derby weigh-in....the Scouts Pine wood derby race is tomorrow morning! The boys were trying to figure out how to keep their wheels on their cars; I sure hope they don't fall off tomorrow during the race! time I write on my blog, I'll write something more profound. I need to do jumping jacks to the latest Chris Tomlin CD....and then drink some nice warm tea! I'll be back on this blog tomorrow! :) : ) : ) : )
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (a little later)~~~~~~~~~~
I know this is really random...but I am SO in love with my hubby! He does little things for me that mean so much....I'm presently enjoying a mocha that he brought home to me. : ) : ) : )

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