Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moving to a new state....4 years ago

I can't hardly believe that January 22nd was the 4th year anniversary of our living in our present location. I'll never forget it! It all started with our living in SW Missouri and Richard accepting a job in St. Louis. I was 9 months pregnant with our daughter and on bed rest when Richard received the phone call, and excitedly mouthed the words to me (while on the phone with his future employer), "I got the job!!!!" I was not the most supportive wife at that moment....I frowned and balked at the fact that we'd be moving in 6 weeks. "How are we suppose to do that?! We're having a baby!!". Richard promised that he'd take care of everything for me and that I wouldn't have to lift a finger besides just taking care of the baby.....but I was still concerned....Richard doesn't pack boxes like I do! : ) : ) : ) : ) :) : ) : ) The very next day, we had an unplanned c-section, so I was having major doubts about our moving in 6 wks. "Richard, will those moving plans still work with having had a c-section?". If he was at all concerned, he didn't show it. The moments we spent in the hospital with our new daughter were priceless. : ) : ) : )
My parents came down to help get our house on the market and to pack boxes. Richard also took a short trip to the St. Louis area looking for houses. I missed him terribly during the time he was gone because Ashlyn was colicky and I remember worrying that her cries would wake my parents up at night. They never gave any indication that they didn't sleep well, so either I did a good job muffling Ashlyn's cries from 1 to 3AM, or God blessed them with some sound sleep. :) :) :) The time came for us to choose a house, and this time, Ashlyn (age 3 wks) & I went with Richard [the boys stayed w/ Richard's family; my parents had stayed 3 wks w/ us and had just returned home]. It was fun at first looking around at all the different houses, but then the fun wore off and we became a little weary. We prayed that God would help us to find the right house because we couldn't make such a major decision on our own. The day before we were to return to SW Missouri to finish our packing, we had still not chosen a house and continued to trust that God knew what He was doing (we knew we didn't). A house came on the market at the last minute, and we walked through it three times in 1 1/2 days...because we really liked it (we were leaving the next day), and didn't want to make a rash decision. Making the decision process story short, God led us to this house, and we are so thankful! : ) : ) : )
Richard's family helped with finishing up the packed boxes, bringing food over for us, cleaning our entire house, loading the uhaul, babysitting the boys. We never could have packed up and made this move without family! I literally had nothing to do but simply take care of my crying infant. : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) The day of the move--January 22, 2005--was cold, snowy, and quite dreary. Our U-haul wouldn't start that morning, so a neighbor came over to jump the battery for us. Dad Sorrell drove the huge Uhaul with Richard's car on a trailer behind it, Mom Sorrell drove their own family van with more of our stuff packed inside, and Richard & I drove our family van with more of our stuff packed inside...including our 3 children. After those chaotic 6 weeks, I finally felt we were a "complete" family...traveling together in a van...on our way to a "strange", new land. Once we arrived to our new house, there was so much to be done (of course). Mom & Dad arrived a little later than we did because of driving the Uhaul w/trailer, so this gave us a few extra hours to unpack a few items and get the kids settled in their new home (oh...and also attend the "closing"). Winter days are very short, so by the time the enormous Uhaul arrived at our house, it was getting dark. The guys unloaded just a few items. We all wondered to ourselves if just Richard, Darren (his brother) and Dad could unload everything themselves the next day. I remember laying awake in the recliner (I wasn't feeling well), listening to the strange creaks and groans in the house, along with the strong, frigid winter wind that howled all night long. One thought was in my mind, "We're here; now what?" :) The next morning, the men were busy unloading the Uhaul, while Mom Sorrell worked hard in the kitchen unpacking. I was trying to hide the fact that I was not feeling well, but finally had to admit that I was useless with helping to unpack. I was ordered to bed!!! I did not like leaving all the work to everyone else, but knew I had no other choice in the matter. :) : ) Richard had slipped off the Uhaul ramp earlier, hitting his head on the truck while he fell {knocked the wind out of him but after resting a bit, he was fine} when I got sick soon after, I started wondering, "What's going on?! All of this isn't supposed to happen!" : ) : ) :) Somehow, the Uhaul was unloaded by just 3 men...and the kitchen was all unpacked by one mother in law. I had a new kitchen by the time I was feeling better again. : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) We didn't know one soul in the area...then when Mom, Dad & Darren Sorrell left, we felt so strange! It was an odd feeling not knowing anyone and learning the area.
I know this was a long winded's just so special to me, and I can't leave anything out! God was in our move even in the difficult moments, and He has been and continues to be so faithful [I'm sure everyone has a story to share]. : ) : ) : )
Happy January to you! :)

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