Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One cold, wintery night....

I'm a little cold. I love the white, beautiful snow that's outside...a whole 4 inches? I'm not exactly sure how deep it is. The snow was still falling as it was getting dark outside...we'll have to try and measure the snow tomorrow morning when we go outside to play. The children and I have been rejoicing all day long over the lovely, fluffy, beautiful snow (we've been ecstatic)!!! Still, I'm cold. My hands are nearly frozen to this keyboard as I type.....the kids are watching a veggie tales video while I pour my freezing heart out on this blog. What's my problem? Richard is traveling right now, and I miss him! Life is actually very good because he only travels a few days during the week.....but I still miss him anyhow. :(
I know, I'll change the subject....that may help. : ) : ) : )
I have been patiently waiting to sign up for some writing classes....I had to put my plans on hold because of our computer problems. The burner isn't working on this computer and I didn't want to start a class if I couldn't save anything (common sense). Instead of getting this 6 year old computer completely fixed, we decided to get a lap top and keep this old computer around just for fun (mainly for the kids). Well....I'm happy because the lap top arrived today! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, Richard isn't here, so I'll have to have more patience and wait for him to set up the router, and whatever else he will need to do to get the lap top working. It will probably be March, anyhow, before I sign up for a class--considering our family's schedule. The great thing about TUFW-online, is that one can sign up whenever they want to--and still have 6 months to finish a class.
OK....I'm feeling more warmed up (though my hands are still cold). I'm going to go in the kitchen to make some hot chocolate. The kids' video is finished.....gotta go!!!
My plans after we clean up the the house, are to finish laundry and re-organize some of my kitchen cabinets. I still miss Richard, but working (with music) always helps....as does praying for him. It's neat knowing that he and I are praying to the same God even though we're apart. LoL...I'm getting so sentimental over Richard, aren't I?!?! : ) : ) : ) : )
This is some time later. The kids are in bed, and the house is too quiet. The snow is still lovely out in the cold, dark night.....and I'm still missing Richard, my dear sweet hubby. I think I'll talk about the children's schooling options now. We are planning on visiting two private schools within the next two weeks. We can't afford to send both boys..would just be sending Caleb (if we come to that schooling decision ). We'll also be checking into some other home schooling options that would give me and the kids more daily guidance in our home school. I'm still quite bummed that there isn't a part-time school around here like in Springfield, MO [where the kids go to school 2 days a week, and you home school the other days].....but I have to get over it. We are praying that God will give us a clear answer on which option to go with.
I had told everyone we weren't doing the classes within our home school group this semester [called "Master's Lyceum"]....but then I grew weak and gave in since we like Lyceum so much. We are only going to be there 2nd hour [Friday's, beginning Feb. 13]. Ashlyn will be in a ABC's class, Caleb will be in K'NEX, and Antonin will be in "5 in a row". I'll be helping out in Ashlyn's classroom. Friday's will be our day to run errands and get some shopping done... I like taking advantage of being in that part of town.
I need to go to bed now... Goodnight!!!

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