Friday, January 23, 2009

Water, water everywhere!

How ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous! I was enjoying a nice afternoon shower (a rare moment alone), when I heard knocking at the bathroom door. "Who is it?" I asked, turning the shower off and feeling annoyed. "Me", said a voice, "The toilet in the blue bathroom [our second bathroom] is overflowing."
I sighed to myself and yelled out, "Just a minute!" Several minutes went by as I threw clothes on and adjusted my attitude...then I walked into the kitchen to find my oldest son mopping and sweeping gallons of water out the back door. The toilet continued to spill water onto the floor from the nearby bathroom, while my other son attempted to use the plunger. I was appalled at the amount of water on the floor. There was a FLOOD of water flowing out the door! I asked both boys, "What was put in this toilet?" Their answers were "I don't know", and "toilet paper". I was like, "Things like this don't just "happen"! Are you sure nothing else was put in there?" I was eventually successful with the plunger, but still wondered what had caused the flood to happen . "Did you put a whole roll of toilet paper in there or something?" *sigh* I'm glad the toilet is finished with its flooding escapade! The boys eventually got the mess cleaned up (kind-of), and this now gives me an excuse to mop the floor and wash my little rugs. I need to clean house anyhow....we are having company tomorrow evening! Of course! That's why the toilet had problems...remember? Every time we get ready to have company over, we have plumbing issues! [well....maybe not every time] : ) : ) : )

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Christi said...

Oh, Sara.. this is just Hilarious!! I know it wasn't for you though. I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my cheeks! Hey, at least your boys were trying to help stop the flow & clean up. My boys would have just panicked & hollered "Help!"
Thank you for the laugh!