Monday, January 19, 2009

eye exams, organization, and other topics :)

Richard had the day off since he is a Federal employee and it was MLK day! We all went to the eye doctor for exams [except for Ashlyn; she needs to learn all her alphabet first], and the boys do not need glasses (yeah!). This was a field trip for the children, as the eye doctor was very nice and let them see what their brothers' eyes looked like on a machine ( I forget the technical name of the machine). When our exams were complete, the eye doctor gave the children a package of gum each, saying they had been very good patients. :) :)
I was pleasantly surprised to find that my eyeglass prescription is now too strong...because my eyes continue to improve! Starting about 4 years ago, my eyes have been consistently getting better and better each time I see the eye doctor! My right eye sees 20/'s only my left eye that needs the glasses [I know that sounds funny]! I have always had near sighted eyes (since 3rd grade), so this improving eyesight is such a nice bonus to have with my growing older! :) :) :)
Richard's eyes were a little worse, but he doesn't like me talking about him on this I won't elaborate. :)
I am so excited about my half-way organized house. :) : ) : )
All the closets and bedrooms in the house are looking nice now, and I'll be focusing on tackling the kitchen cabinets these next few days. The "yard sale" pile is growing rapidly, and I'm sure the boys will love helping with a sale this summer. :) :)
I dug out a Sonlight book while I was cleaning my closet, and gave it to Caleb to read. As I expected, he complained about not wanting to read it....but eventually agreed to read just 2 chapters. An hour later, he was still reading the book! I was so shocked! Caleb has never sat down with a book for that long before (w/o lots of pushing & prodding from me). What's incredible, is that on Caleb's own initiative, he gabbed on and on about what the book was about....he is not normally like this at all! Usually, I have to dig the story out of him!! I think I'm still in shock. I cannot believe that my son is halfway through that book the same day I gave it to him...and he's enjoying reading it, and can't stop talking about it!! There's nothing real special about the's only a story about a boy in Africa who's befriended by a missionary.....
I'm going to see how this goes....... I think I may return to following Sonlight's literature selections. Whatever it takes to keep Caleb eager with reading! :) :)
The boys have been working in Abeka math....and it's going alright, but Antonin has been complaining that math is "boring", so we are skipping ahead in the book. I wish choosing a math curriculum was more simple! Caleb has been doing well with Abeka's constant review.

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