Monday, December 15, 2008

Visitor from the past....

I had a visitor from my past the other day..... I'm just now telling about it, now that the Internet/computer is working. : ) : )
Many years ago, my friend's father was the pastor of our church in Indiana. I remember playing at their house a lot when I was young... I think her mother
babysat me some when I was 3 and my friend was 2 (approx. ages). My friend's name is Lori. We had spent so much time together when we were young, even attending the same school (her father was the principal). Her family moved away to Ohio and then to Virginia when I was about 11 years old; Lori & I occasionally saw each other during our teen years.
While visiting the other day, we were trying to figure out how long it had been since we had seen each other, and figured it has been since our teen years..... it was so awesome being able to see Lori again-- and to meet her beautiful family! It should come as no surprise that Lori remembered me as being quite imaginative. She says that when we were little girls, we were afraid to open a large first aid box, thinking that little dwarf men would come out! We both remembered the time we were playing in the snow at her house, when we thought we heard a stomp and thought we saw a flash of red. We ran screaming into the house and her mother had to calm us down. :) :) We would make up stories together, writing many "books". :)
Lori and her husband are planning to be missionaries to India (in about a couple of more years); they both have a heart for the people there...and they're both nurses, hoping to use their medical training for the Lord. We had a wonderful visit (minus Richard--I wish he could have met them!), and our children had a blast playing together! : ) :) Really, the time flew by too quickly. I hope we can visit again before they leave for India. :) : ) : )

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