Saturday, December 13, 2008

Whew! Glad that's over! :)

Hey, I'm back! I went against everything I knew about files attached to emails, and clicked on one in a message I thought was from someone I knew on Facebook.....making a long story short, I downloaded a whole bunch of viruses to my computer! This all took place a week ago Friday. I was pretty scared because there was some sort of spy ware stuff [and other programs] that were added to my desk top and to my document files that I had not added!!! ACK! Wouldn't you know that Richard was on a trip! I kept my Internet unhooked and called my brother in Indiana. He's a computer guy. He walked me through how to correct the problem(s) in the computer, even sending me some anti-virus/malware programs on a disc. After 6 days , the computer and Internet connection now are in working order; Richard came home to a working computer! : ) : ) : ) : ) Yes, all the anti-virus stuff is up to date, and I'll be keeping it that way. : ) : ) : ) : ) I'm so glad that is over.... I learned a bit of Computer Science in the process, but am not certain I'll remember it for very long. : ) : ) Always remember: follow your first instinct and don't open files that sound a bit odd to you....even if you think it's from a trusted friend (it's probably's a computer "hacker" who sent it in the friend's name, and who needs to go and get a real job).

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