Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday (a week ago during computer issues)! :)

We celebrated Ashlyn's b-day with 3 of her little friends; it was a Princess party and they had so much fun together! :) : )
I cannot believe our little girl is four! It seems like yesterday that I was lying in the recovery room at the hospital while Richard handed me a screaming little bundle. She had lots of dark black hair and looked like a little Indian baby! :) She would scream any time anyone else but me held her [she finally got use to Richard in the hospital]. :) : ) : ) She was a c-section baby because I had had problems with pre-eclampsia. The thrilling part was that she was a girl!!! We had thought we were having a boy... so during the birth, when the Doctor held Ashlyn up for Richard to see, and asked him what the baby was.....Richard had stammered, "Is it a g-g-girl??" : ) : ) : )
What's funny, is that at Ashlyn's 3 week check up, I asked the Doctor what was wrong with my baby...thinking there must be something terribly wrong health-wise since she screamed so much. The Doctor looked at me and said, "I think it's just Ashlyn's temperament". : ) : ) : ) : )
Once she grew out of the infant stage, Ashlyn's personality changed! Perhaps all those prayers from 12 Am to 3 AM helped!!! : ) : ) : )
Happy Birthday, Ashlyn! You are such a special gift! : ) : ) : ) : ) Mom and Dad love you so much! : ) : )

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