Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hope your Christmas was Merry! :)

We arrived home this evening, after visiting family in Missouri for Christmas! The time flew by as always, and Ashlyn had to deal with her emotions after arriving home. While unpacking our suitcases, Ashlyn looked up Richard and exclaimed with feeling, "Daddy...I thought we were going on a long trip!!" Her eyes were big and round, and she was clearly upset. Richard explained that we had gone on a trip, and needed to unpack now that we were home. "Are you glad that we're home?" he asked her. Ashlyn shook her head "no", folded her little arms, then walked to her bedroom, gently closing the door behind her. Richard & I looked at each other like, "What's with her? She's only 4 years old!!!"
Ashlyn did eventually work through all her emotions, and now appears to be happy that she's home. : ) : ) : ) : )
We had a very nice Christmas with the Sorrell family. It was great remembering the Reason for the Christmas season at a candle light service on Christmas Eve [plus activities for the kids] at Mom & Dad Sorrell's church. On Christmas Day, the children had a lot of fun playing with their cousins, and sing
ing 'Happy Birthday to Jesus' together (among other presentations by the children). :) We all continued the tradition of cooking and eating all day long at Mom & Dad Sorrell's house, and making memories together! :) We were also blessed during the weekend, to spend a little time with one of Richard's Aunt & Uncle, and cousin(s). It was nice being able to see them again!
We also went ice skating with Richard's sister's family! :) Right at first, Richard was the only one helping our 3 children skate because I was hugging the wall.... eventually, I warmed up and skated normally (it's like riding a bicycle, right? It comes back to you after awhile). : ) We all had a great time ice skating!! I didn't want to leave the rink, but Richard assured me there is an ice skating rink near where we live, too. :) : )
Besides ice skating more often, I have a new goal for the New Year: Learning how to snow ski. I hear that snow skiing is like flying, so I think I'll like it once I can learn how to stay right side up all the way down the hill. :) : ) : ) Richard knows how to snow ski...he may be teaching me for our Winter Wedding Anniversary (11th)! : ) : ) : ) : )
OK...time for me to go to bed. I have a sore throat, some chills, and need to make myself another cup of tea. Tomorrow will dawn bright and early....and I'
m hoping to get over this cold or flu (it came on suddenly). Oh, I need to tell you about our being refreshed with today's Church service in Missouri! The Message was on "Weariness", Isaiah 40:1-31. It was an awesome reminder to step back from the weariness in life and to focus on God --- Who He is. When we lean into God, He will refresh us while we continue to persevere; it's not a time of "rest". He enables us to soar on the wind [troubles] like an Eagle [stop 'flapping & flapping' to survive...that's what pigeons do]. Leaning into God brings Glory to Himself. Read also Galatians 6:9 . There are battles and trials that people face day in and day out... questioning God's purposes ("why is all of this happening to me while I'm trusting/having faith in God?") .
Alright....I really must go to bed. Goodnight! :) :) :)

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