Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of 2008.....let's bring in the new year!!

I can't believe that it's almost 2009! One year ago, I was getting used to the idea of Richard traveling everywhere for his new job (training), and the thrill of our family traveling with him a few times. Now, I have to get used to his being home (he still travels during the week about 2 x a month)! I AM glad that he will be home more often--don't take me wrong. lol! I'm actually thankful that 2008 is passed, and am looking forward to the coming year. God has been SO good to us, and I want to concentrate on His goodness! It's easy to take God for granted and not appreciate all that He's done, and continuing to do in one's life. `````````~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You know...though we've enjoyed time together w/ family this Holiday season,I will admit that this past Christmas did not seem like Christmas until the day of. With all our family's travels, I could not get into the Christmas Spirit. Just yesterday, our family walked around downtown to view the Gingerbread houses in the business' windows [it was fun!]. Afterwards, we tried viewing neighborhood lights, but there weren't many to we drove over to the "Way of Lights display" at "Our Lady of the Snows"....what lovely lights! Ashlyn loved the lighted angels in the "shepherd's scene" and she exclaimed, "The shepherds were afraid of the angels, weren't they!" [she said this 20 times]. I finally told her that the shepherds didn't need to be afraid because the angels were bringing good news about Jesus {and that we don't need to be afraid either because God loves us and angels are sent from Him}. She thought the angels were real, even after being told they were "pretend angels"; how does one explain Christmas lights to a 4 year old? lol! :) I'm thankful for God's love that He shows to us daily...let's work at not taking it all for granted. That sounds like a good New Year's Resolution. :)
I know this is quite a change of subject, but I am pleased with my after-Christmas finds in Missouri and here at our local Walmart! I think we are set for next year (and looking forward to it)..all except for the stockings...hopefully will find some nice ones during next year's after Christmas sales. :) Happy New Year to you and your family!! May God bless you !!!
I just had another thought. Our Nations' uncertain times, mixed with corrupt politics in the Land of Lincoln, is enough to make anyone sick and not look forward to the new year. I remember one of my Grandparents saying that going through hard times develops character in a person, and in a nation. Perhaps these tough times will bring people together more...and cause us to remember who we are, and Who God is.
:) :) :)

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