Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dark Chocolate mint confession

OK.... I started out this week with two packages of dark chocolate mint. One was from a secret pal at church, and one was from my hubby. It's now gone. If my daughter hadn't caught me red handed, I could have quickly placed the chocolate back into its hiding place and forgotten all about it (making it last longer). But no....my daughter caught me in the act of eating chocolate. She appeared out of nowhere as I bit into a delectable morsel. She asked me, "What are you eating?" I attempted to keep my jaws from moving, but the chocolate was stuck in my teeth. I put my hand up to my mouth, as if to clear my throat, "Nothing" .
My daughter came up closer and sniffed, "Are you eating chocolate?"
I had to laugh then, so of course I needed to share a piece of chocolate with her. The boys have excellent hearing when it comes to eating sweets. Both boys came running into the room to find us, "Can we have some too? Please??"
"May you have what?", I asked innocently.
"Chocolate!", they exclaimed in unison.
The next day, I was not sneaking any chocolate, but my lovely daughter started a conversation about how yummy chocolate was, and how much she wanted to eat some again. The more she jabbered about it, the more I felt myself giving in. I gave the children a DVD to watch in order to distract them from the chocolate, then I escaped to my bedroom. Long story short, the dark chocolate mint was the most delicious chocolate one could ever eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! : ) : ) : ) : )
Now that my chocolate is gone, I need to get on with my life and pack for our Christmas trip to Missouri. : ) : : ) : ) Have a Merry Christmas....and guard your chocolate!

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