Saturday, November 8, 2008

Okay....Caleb is doing much, much better now! He's finally keeping the 7-up down (after having an upset stomach for about 8 hours) and is beginning to ask for soft foods. : ) : ) : ) : ) Praise God!!!! I was starting to wonder if he'd ever get well...although this was a back set (not contagious) and in the past it's taken him 2 days to bounce back from 'back sets'! Don't understand why this had to happen, but we were never promised an easy life (or that we'd understand anything about it), were we?! : ) : ) The kids and myself should be able to leave for Indy sometime in the morning...... I'm not too nervous about driving all the way by myself...the kids are with me. We'll listen to music and watch a few videos. uh, I mean the kids will watch videos. Richard will return to Indy (from Oklahoma) on Monday night, and then we will (Lord willing) head on to WV early Tuesday morning. I'll let you know about the rest of our trip once we're in WV. We'll most likely leave the Saturn in Indy with my aunt and pick it up on our way back home to IL ( returning from WV). : ) : )

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