Monday, November 10, 2008

Here we are....the last night at my aunt's house in Indy. Richard is back safe and sound from some services for his gma in Oklahoma, and in the morning we will pack up the van and leave for WV. We should be there by tomorrow evening.
Sunday when I drove from Belleville to Indy, I was a little concerned about Caleb because he was complaining that riding in the van was bothering his stomach. We stopped a lot along the way, and he ended up being just fine. :) Besides stopping for Caleb, I stopped when I grew drowsy from driving. I hate it when that happens! :) :) We arrived safely at my aunt's house and had a great visit with my aunts, uncle, mother (she had come down from South Bend just to see me and the kids), and cousins.
This morning, the kids and myself drove over to Kirklin, IN where my Dad grew up. Another one of my aunts lives over there (and a cousin too), and it was so much fun spending the day together...sharing family history facts and stories. The kids were entertained with the cousin's toys (why don't they play this well at home with their own toys?). My cousin showed me the old violin that my grandpa Shelley used to play, and the smells of the violin case brought back memories of his old house. My cousin and I were inhaling the smell, "Ahh..doesn't that remind you of Grandpa?" Then, when we told my aunt about the old violin case smell, she exclaimed, "Isn't it awful? I can't stand it!" ha ha! We enjoyed our time so much...and laughing together over funny stories. For a moment, my cousin and I were suddenly little girls again, taking photos of ourselves jumping off the front porch, winking. There's a story behind that. :) Before coming back to Indy, we visited the grave site of my Shelley grandparents, explaining to the kids who they were (my Dad's parents).
Okay.....need to get a good night's sleep for our trip to WV tomorrow.
Goodnight! ;) Oh....Caleb's stomach is back to normal now. Now to keep everyone else healthy. :)

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