Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Praise the Lord!!! : ) : ) : )

This is Richard's "new" Saturn [2004] that he was able to get through eBay! :) :) It was so awesome to see God at work! While Richard was searching for another vehicle, I kept wondering what we were going to do with our old, undependable one that was sitting in our driveway, leaking fluid all over (yuck). Several eBay or Craig's list car opportunities had passed us up, and Richard was beginning to feel slightly discouraged. I began thinking, "Okay...maybe we can do without another vehicle until after we get back from WVA....". Yesterday afternoon, Richard called to say that he had found a car through eBay...south of St. Louis, and that they would take our old white van as part of an exchange. It was a rush getting the van prepared (finding the title), and then hoping that the van would keep running (it was an hour's drive). Richard successfully drove the van over there, and told me later he had prayed that God would keep the vehicle running until he made it to his destination. He said it was a scary trip....but he made it! When he returned, he drove the Saturn into our driveway...I was so excited to see it and just had to take a couple of pictures to share with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was able to drive the car to the cub scout meeting last night. I love this car! I'll be searching for all kinds of excuses to drive it myself! :) In case you're wondering, yes, Richard took a couple of hours of leave from his job to run our old white van to the dealer South of St. Louis, and to bring our new car home. :) : ) Thank the Lord for a flexible job schedule! [he doesn't do that often, by the way] :) :) Having one working vehicle at our house for 2 weeks taught me to be a better planner, how to share (it can be difficult, you know!), and more of what it means to trust God for all things. :) :)

Have a blessed day......I need to get back to our school work now. : ) : )

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Christi said...

Wow! That's wonderful! Looks like a really nice car! I can see why you want to find excuses to drive it! :)